Sunday, October 11, 2009

Aspiring to Suck: The Dan Snyder Story

*Thank god we could punch it in from the 1 yard line. Twice.

*198 total yards of offense does not warrant any conversation of, "We're getting better offensively, and um, we uhh, are trying to get Clinton more involved, and uhhh...yada, yada, yada"....

*DeAngelo Hall- Next time you try and tackle a 3o something white boy quarterback, who needs to scramble for 9 yards to put the final nail in your team's coffin, lay the f**king hammer to the legs, Hokie.

*Glad to see Danny Smith's bubble gum continues to get more attention than his weekly game plans.

*al qaeda just checked in: Dear CIA, if you promise to just water board us- and not have us watch game film of Jim Zorn's offense, we promise to hand over Bin Laden.

*Vinny Cerrato just asked Sally Jenkins to look at his fingers again; this time, two boogers on each index finger, and some dog shit smeared across the palm of his right hand.

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