Thursday, October 1, 2009

NFL Week 4

Detroit +10 at Chicago
The Bears are about three plays from being 0-3. They’ve had the early season good fortune of missed 34 yard field goals and late fumbles by opposing players. They’ve also been out gained in total yards in both of their wins. Detroit is not the same piece of shit team they were last year. They have 31 new players, and most of their 2008 team signed with Washington in the off season. They match up well with their division foe. They’ve won 2 of the last 4, and almost won this game last year in Chicago. Cutler is back to being comfortable after his week 1 debacle. That should account for at least two picks.

Oakland +9.5 at Houston
Oakland Raiders’ head coach Tom Cable knocked the shit out of his 4 year old grandson Monday night, when the boy tried to change the channel to “Two and A Half Men”, while Cable was watching Monday Night Football. He then followed that up by berating the child, asking him when his “cunt of mother” (Cable’s daughter) was going to get home. This coach is one angry dude.
Houston is 0-2 at home this year. They were everyone’s preseason pick as the up and coming team to make the playoffs. Matt Schaub is already banged up, and Steve Slaton is off to pissing off all fantasy owners, in his role as a #2 running back. Oakland handled the Texans fairly easily last December, in the second to last game of the year. These teams have played 5 times in the last 5 years, and if Houston had been laying 9.5 points in each of those 5 match ups, they’d be 0-5 ATS in those games. Jemarcus Russell might be the biggest sum-bitch we’ve ever seen take an NFL snap. Bigger is better. The Ray-Duzzz.

Seattle +10.5 at Indy
Picking double digit dogs is becoming trendy, huh? This game is simply a case of the Seahawks following the lead of their Kicker bashing head coach, and the Colts coming off two huge road wins, readying for the big let down. The Seahawks should be 2-1. Their kicker did shit the bed last week, and Houshmandzahda (speaking of fantasy let downs) had a crucial 4th quarter fumble. We’ll give the Colts their impressive national TV win against Arizona on Sunday, but we’re still befuddled by what happened the week before down in south Florida when they scored 27 offensive points, and only controlled the ball for 15 minutes of a 60 minutes game. Indy’s defense needs a “Haynesworth” (break).

Denver +3
Don’t look now, but Denver has the #1 ranked overall defense through 3 weeks.

Jets/Saints over 46
Saints last 13 home games, 12-1 ATS over.
Saints games, last 17 on artificial turf, 14-2-1 ATS over.

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  1. These picks don't pass the smell test for me. Looks like another weekend of lost college funds and $20 dark alley "transactions" for degenerates everywhere. 2-3 at best Aluminum Mike.


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