Friday, October 16, 2009

NFL Week 6

Cleveland at Pittsburgh-14
The Browns suck. A Redskins/Browns match up would get boat raced in the TV ratings by a WNBA play in game, or whatever it is those dudes do to determine who makes the “dance”.

Eric Mangini and his offense are so bad, he just lost out in a part on “CSI”, in which he would’ve played a guy sitting with his wife at a table in a restaurant. The Browns have played 5 games, and have scored 6 points or less in three of them. Pathetically enough, if your name is Dick Jeron, they actually won one of those games.

In 2 of the last 3 games played at Heinz Field between these two teams, Pittsburgh has won by an average of 29 points. This game will not be close.

Kansas City +6 at Washington
How and the fuck are the Redskins still favorites? Am I the only one watching this back alley abortion? This organization is run like full blown dementia, and watching this team play–when FOX’s signal is not down- makes me want to concuss myself.

Dan Snyder added a new set of eyes to his payroll last week. And since Vinny Cerrato sucks too good of a cock and Marty Feldman is dead, he hired a bingo caller. That bingo caller must go to the same optometrist that Stevie Wonder goes to, because 198 yards- and for all intents and purposes, 3 points- I’d rather Sndyer have brought in a new set of balls- which is what this team needs.

Redskins have covered only once in their last 8 home games. Chiefs have shown some signs of life in their 0-5 start, and unlike the Redskins good fortune from the scheduling gods, the Chiefs have only faced one team with a losing record. I see no reason why Zorn and Redskin fan’s death march opts to take the road less traveled.

Other games:
Detroit +13.5 at Green Bay
Arz/Sea under 47

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