Tuesday, November 17, 2009

NFL Week 10 in review

Bill Belichick has a .706 winning percentage in 10 years as New England’s head coach. He’s won 4 AFC titles, and 3 Lombardi Trophies. On fourth down situations versus the Colts, he has a 75% success rate when he opts to ‘go for it’. His team is 6-3, and will still probably finish at least tied for the second best record in the conference, ultimately leading to a rematch with Indy. Where will your team be in mid January?

The favorites only covered 5 of 15 games this weekend.

Why is Maurice Jones Drew’s kneel down at the one yard line, being referred to as a smart football play? It might be the dumbest play I’ve ever seen. And if Jack Duh Rio instructed his players to do it if presented with that situation, he should be fired immediately. Ask Tony Romo and Cowboy fan if chip shot field goal attempts can ever go wrong.

When asked whether Ladell Betts’ performance Sunday might’ve earned him the starting job, temporary coach Jim Zorn told reporters that players don’t lose their jobs due to injury, and that “Clinton” would be back. Stupidity, however, does cause coaches to lose their jobs.

Titans 86-year-old owner Bud Adams said that if he had known he was going to get a $250,000 bill in the mail from Roger Goodell for flipping the bird to Bills fans, he would’ve considered flinging his shit stained depend undergarments on them as well.

That Monday Night Football game last night sucked.

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