Friday, November 13, 2009

NFL Week 10

Dallas at Green Bay +3
Dallas went into their current two game road trip needing at least a split, in order to have a realistic chance to win their division. Their next two games are home versus Washington and Oakland- both games they will prevail in. So having taken care of business in Philadelphia Sunday night, and with two softies on the horizon, we anticipate a more sloppy, half assed performance by Team Wade.
Green Bay has lost two straight, including last weekend’s embarrassing defeat at the hands of some winless team who wore orange uniforms. The Pack has got to be on notice, playing in a conference that is going to require no less than 10 wins to make the playoffs.
Dallas is a pathetic 3-7 ATS in their last 10 roadies. Since 1992, NFL teams who are playing the second of consecutive road games, only cover 32% of the time. The home team in this match up over the last 8 is 7-1 ATS. Expect an inspired performance by a Green Bay team that needs a win.

Cincinnati +7 vs Pittsburgh
There is a betting theory in Vegas called the “Laker effect”. Basically, it refers to the number of So Cal, penny loafer wearing douche bags, who mingle around a sports book without a clue, making bets on their Lakers because it’s the last game on the board. This in effect, inflates the line in the Lakers games, giving the smart bettor an extra point or two on the team the Lakers are playing.
This football game has what we’d like to refer to as the “Fat ass, big haired girlfriend, mullet sporting loser, with every known piece of shit Steeler paraphernalia plastered on their Ford pick up, effect”.
Dudes, someone needs to give the Bungals some props. A legitimate argument could be made for them to be 7-1 at this point. They've beat everyone in their division- Baltimore twice, and they now get the Steelers on a short week in which the Steelers traveled across country, and the Bungals are getting 7 points?? Are you F**King kidding me???
On a neutral field, this game would be a pick’em. We like the Bungals, and we like them a lot.

Parlay Game of the Week
Washington +4.5/ Under 37
For starters, both of these teams like to play under games- Denver, 7 of their last 8, and the Redskins- 10 of their last 11 at Fed Ex Field. We also don’t like Denver coming off a short week and then having to travel. This game has a 13-10 Overtime final written all over it.

Lastly, if you’re chasing money going into Sunday night- which you shouldn’t be, after following this brilliant breakdown of the Sunday action, don’t be so quick to jump all over the undefeated home team, only laying three. Remember one thing about this match up: Belichick vs. 1st year head coach. Enough said.

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