Friday, November 20, 2009

NFL Week 11

Indy/Baltimore OVER 44
The Colts are averaging 27 points a game. The Ravens, up until two weeks ago, were averaging just about the same. Following two offensive lackluster performances, this is the week we think the Ravens resort back to airing it out.

The Colts might lose this game. The actual gameline smells like a sucker to us. The undefeated Colts, laying only 1 to a Raven team that only posted 16 against Cleveland in a Monday Night stinker? Shananigans. And if that is the case, you figure the Ravens are going to have to match the Colts offensively to even have a chance.

Indy’s point scoring abilities are second to none. Earlier this year, they posted 27 on Miami, and Peyton Manning and his offense had the ball for barely 15 of the 60 minutes.

Baltimore’s Defense isn’t what it used to be. They haven’t put the fear of god into anyone, since that Superbowl party down in Atlanta 10 years ago. Three of the league’s pass happy teams (Minn, NE, and SD) all posted 26 points or more against them.

Expect nothing less than a 30 spot from Indy, and we like the Ravens to be in it, most or all of the way.

Atlanta +6.5 at NYGiants
Matt Ryan uses this spot to silent any talk in A-town of bringing back the dog killer.

When Joe the laptop computer wrecker loves NYG here-after not making a single wager through 10 weeks, and Mike Greenburg makes the Giants one of his stone cold lead pipe locks, I tend to look the other way.

The Giants are who we thought they were- an average at best, football team. Pity the fool who plays the “well, they’re coming off a bye” trend. The only ‘bye’ here if you play the Giants, will be your money- as in ‘bye-bye’.

Washington +11 at Dallas
The only hole in Washington bigger than the one the Redskins dug themselves over the first half of the season, is the one Gilbert Arenas recently fell into, after Shaq got done laying the wood.

The Redskins have covered 6 of the last 8 in this matchup, winning 5 of those games. In the 6 quarters played since losing Clinton Portis, the Redskins have outscored their opponents 41-24.

We’re still not sold on Dallas. They went on the road and beat what might prove to be a so-so Eagle team, and lost last week to what might prove to be a so-so Packer team. We realize they can only play the cards they’re dealt, but when you throw in a loss to a now questionable Denver team and a struggle to win at Kansas City, 11 points in this spot is an overlay. Consider the money line on Washington as well.

Blowout of The Week

Seattle at Minnesota –11
Seattle has played 5 teams with winning records, and has been more or less boat raced in 4 of those 5 games. They did manage to beat the Jags, but have lost by 11, 17, 21, and 24 in the other games in which their opponent was north of .500.

Minnesota was almost lulled to sleep last week by Detroit, and still won going away. Either Favre or Peterson or both, is going to have a huge day here, catching a team who lacks consistency, playing their second straight roadie. 38-17 Vikings.

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