Friday, November 27, 2009

Our L-tryptophan Hangover

Thanks, John Madden. Your innocent attempt 20 years ago- in the spirit of Thanksgiving, has now turned into three networks competing to be the cutest, with regard to what they give out to their game’s “mvp”.
Next year I’d suggest FOX give out a life size replica of Pam Oliver’s ass, with a picture of Joe Buck’s creepy face plastered on it. CBS can give out a copy of Jim Nantz’ (reportedly) $1.1 million alimony check he cuts his ex wife, and the NFL Network can give out “mother fucking” sideline mikes, courtesy of Josh McDaniels.

If I get my pick of Quarterbacks under the age of 30 to start a team with, Aaron Rodgers is my man. If he ever plays with a team that offers him protection (sacked 31 times thru the first 9 games), or if he were able to play against the 31st ranked defense each week, that dude would have some sick numbers-or should I say, sicker numbers?
Currently- playing the majority of the game from his ass- this dude is 2nd in total yards passed for, has the 3rd best QB rating, is tied for 1st in TD’s thrown, and has the 2nd fewest interceptions (5) for any QB with at least 300 attempts. I don’t see how this guy doesn’t win at least two SuperBowls.

Not to keep beating up Cowboy fan, but we’re going to go out on a limb here, and predict a 1-4 finish down the stretch, for a 9-7 “possible wild card team” final record. Two straight weeks of average football at best, versus teams who have nothing.I’ll take it a step further, and say the only game Dallas wins down the stretch is in two weeks at home, versus San Diego.
Sorry Wade, but I’ve seen your boy Romo in two straight weeks, throw passes to the numbers, of opposing teams on Dallas’ side of the field. Good teams don’t drop those pickles.

If you camped out at a Best Buy last night, or if your alarm went off at 4:45 this morning, to wake you up for something other than wage earning, you’re a fucking idiot.
My favorite part about ‘Black Friday’, is waiting for the videotape to roll in from some Walmart in BFE, Kansas.
Likely the scenario- a bunch of assholes, with more time on their hands than some sports blog writer, trample another bunch of assholes, in their pursuit of the latest “Twilight” memorabilia.

I’m off to ruin the secret of Santa for a bunch of 3rd graders. Happy shopping! Love, Scrooge.

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