Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Redskins Report, Bevis and Butthead (and Dumbass)

Too Painful To Watch

If there is one thing that we took from Sunday night's 17-0 (should've been 42-0) defeat at the hands of the hated Cowboys, it's that the Redskins need to trade Chris Cooley. Just kidding.

But seriously, they really do need to get rid of most of the players that are currently on this team.

Three conclusions can be drawn after watching this current Redskins team for the last few years; they are not very good, the roster is mostly made up of bad guys and losers, and like Riggo said, Dan Snyder does have a dark heart.

The only guy that we can say with any confidence has been playing hard throughout and truly cares about winning is London Fletcher. Everyone else is either not that good or is driven by their own personal agendas. As long as you have guys on a team who will split up and go their own individuals ways when things get tough, you will always be playing meaningless games in December.

When you are counting on the likes of Albert Haynesworth ($41 million for every other down, and doesn't listen to coaches), Laron Landry(doesn't wrap and dances after tackling an opponent who just picked up 8 yards), and Deangelo Hall (he's Deangelo Hall) to help right the ship, you're already sailing on the Titanic.

These guys are losers, plain and simple. They don't get what it takes to be winners. They don't understand that it's not always about them. They don't understand the attention you garner for winning is greater than any individual praise or awards you could receive. It's always about what the team can do for them as opposed to what they can do for the team.

Clinton Portis, Santana Moss, Mike Sellers, Antwan Randle El- paid like winners, produce like losers.

Randle El has been about the worst punt returner in the NFL for the last couple years, but has refused to give it up until just recently. That's just selfish. And eff Danny Smith for not pulling him sooner.

Cooley has put up good numbers throughout his career, but is known more so nationally for blogging, banging cheerleaders, and posting a picture of his penis on the internet. That's just stupid. Cooley is an attention whore and when you are 6-17 in your last 23 games, the last thing you should be drawing to yourself is attention, blondie.

Last year, Santana Moss took a 15 yard unsportsmen like conduct penalty for emulating shining his shoes after he scored a touchdown in a road loss, versus a bad (at the time) Cincinnati Bengal team.

Recently against the Giants on Monday night, he caught a pass down the sideline to set up a possible pre-halftime score. Down 24-0 and with precious seconds ticking away, Moss gets up from being tackled, and instead of flipping the ball to the ref, he spun it like a top- causing more time to be wasted, for a team that needs all the time(and help) it can get.

Enough is enough people. If you still haven't gotten it through your head by now that this team needs to be completely reconstructed, then you are the fan that Dan Snyder preys on.

The segment of fan out there that still believes- regardless of actual facts and stats, that the Redskins are just a player away, really needs to have their head examined. They are YEARS away, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

The bottom line is that they are embarrassing to watch and support, and the sooner that pieces are disassembled, so that new pieces can be put in, the better things will be, and maybe the future will start to look brighter.

George Allen's son has his work cut out for him. We wish him all the best.

Maybe Bevis and Butthead Were On To Something

Jokes on us. Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornholio weren't just talking shit last week when they declared that both the Saints and Vikings were finished, they were predicting the future. Maybe that's why those two donkeys are on ESPn.

Following a home loss to the hapless Bucs, the now 13-2 Saints all of the sudden resemble the Saints of yesteryear. Someone get me my paper bag!

Don't fret, Saint fan. The Saints are still a wrecking ball offensively and they get the first week bye, and home field advantage throughout. We still like them to represent the NFC in the Superbowl. That's of course unless they lose to Dallas or Philly. Or Green Bay.

The Vikings on the other hand, have now lost 3 out of their last 4, and they have a dumb ass for a head coach.

Brett Favre may be an egotistical horse's ass, but he is the reason the Vikings are 11-4, not Brad CHILDress. When dumb ass CHILDress tried to take the horse's ass out of the game versus Carolina, he opened up a door and showed the world the internal power struggle that is the Minnesota Vikings.

In Politics, its the economy, and with the Vikings, its Brett Favre. Tony Kornholio could coach that team with Brett Favre at the helm, and if dumb ass Tony Kornholio look alike CHILDress, who just got a contract extension from some dude named Zygi Wilf, doesn't start doing what the horse's ass tells him, Zygi Wilf's team can forget about any post season success.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Manning Tears ACL in First Quarter Hit Against Buffalo

Football and its injuries are fickle. Winning championships aren't easy. Tom Brady can speak for the first statement, and Dan Marino can speak for the second.

We're not going to kill Jim Caldwell for his decision to pull his starters in the 3rd quarter with a 15-10 lead. Quite frankly, if you're a championship caliber squad and you have a lead, you should be able to beat a .500 ball club- even with your second string.

And if your second stringers blow that lead, and you end up losing 29-15, then you get to rest your players for a meaningless Week 17 game in frigid Buffalo, and all is still right in your world.

But lets say the Colts had held on to win today, then what?

Peyton and crew would then get to go up to Buffalo to partake in the Froze Bowl- with nothing on the line but regular season perfection- not the Lombardi Trophy, and the risk of injury.

How did that regular season perfection work out two years ago for New England?

18-0 and a David Tyree helmet catch later, it was all for not. Throw in a Week 1 injury to Tom Brady the following season, and that's a bad 6 or 7 minutes of football for Patriot fan.

The Colts have positioned themselves quite nicely- they're 14-1, people! They have home field advantage throughout, in a dome that Peyton Manning seems to have been born and raised in- and to do anything that risks the health of the their starters moving forward- especially that of Peyton Manning's, would be utter stupidity.

Today's loss was a blessing. It will mean nothing to the Colts and their fans, when they defend their turf and record, in week two of the NFL playoffs. And it sets clarity for both the coaches and players moving forward.

Fantasy owners, Monday morning quarterbacks, and ESPN's Tom Jackson need to chill out with their criticism of Caldwell. We can only imagine the criticism, had they been referring to this post's bogus headline. 29-15 Jets should make all that moot.

By the way, did Tom Jackson ever win a Superbowl ?

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Batting .500 with Coal In Our Stockings

San Diego at Tennessee-3
The Chargers are pretty much going to get the #2 seed in the AFC, and that’s as good as its going to get for them heading into January. Chargers have one more loss down the stretch, and this is the week it happens.
Titans are 7-1 since Jeff Fisher wore his Peyton Manning jersey, and 5-1 since owner Bud Adams gave the Buffalo Bills fans the double barreled “fuck you”.
If the Titans make the playoffs, after starting the season 0-6, the Lombardi Trophy could be renamed in honor of maybe the greatest NFL head coach in the last 30 years. Titans run wild here.

Oakland at Cleveland –3
Cleveland is hotter than Rebecca Grant right now. Who is Rebecca Grant? (www.rebeccagrant.com) She’s the girl who appears on your TV right before the start of the 1 o’clock games, plugging Verizon Wireless’ V-Cast. We're not sure what the ‘V’ stands for in this case, but looking at her makes us want to find out.
Browns have covered 5 straight, and over that run are averaging 24 points per. Oakland is making the dreaded West Coast to EST 1pm kickoff trip. Teams in that spot have won outright only 36% of the time since 1992, and more importantly, have only covered 23% of the time. As we’ve said in the past, we couldn’t make that shit up. The newly Holmgren run Browns are the play here.

Baltimore at Pittsburgh-2.5
The Steelers have failed to cover in 6 of their last 7. Their lone cover during that span was against the Ravens. Mike Tomlin has been coaching like he’s been taking hits off of Jim Zorn’s bong. However, this is the second consecutive week at home, in which they’re laying less than a field goal, and we can’t help ourselves.
On this Christmas weekend- big ass, big hair, and big truck nation will be using the Terrible Towel primarily as a dinner napkin, to wipe all the excess cottage cheese and dessert toppings out of their beards and, ummm…. out of their beards. And Big Ben will be using it to wipe Baltimore’s ass. Go Steelers.

Carolina +7 at NYGiants
Carolina just handed Minnesota and Coach Favre their lunch, and the Giants just boat raced Dematha, or some team that resembled high school talent.
Giants have failed to cover 4 of their last 5 at home, and Carolina has covered 4 of their last 5 on the road. Unlike last week, the Giants will line up against a team whose priority list doesn’t start with finding a hotel for Senior Beach Week. We’re still not sold on the Giants being worth a shit, and there is not a chance they cover in this spot. 23-17 Final.

Denver +7 at Philly
Denver has played the NFC East tough (2-1), and they’re in a more desperate state of mind than Philly is. Philly is in the post season already, and Denver has to keep on getting it, in an attempt to hopefully secure a wild card spot.
Hoodie Jr. has done much better than expected in his rookie season, and we like the spunk he has shown at times throughout the season. We hope at the end of the day, his philosophy is to ”try and win a fucking game!!!”
We’re going Denver plus points, Denver/Under parlay, and Denver on the money line. We like the Broncos, and we like them a lot.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bugel, Boudreau, and Beat Dallas

Cut the cord, Danny. We get it. You and your ex-boyfriend Vinny don’t particularly care for the coach you hired two years ago. We would’ve never guessed, except for the fact that you stripped him of play calling duties not even halfway through the season, you conduct coaching interviews in front of him-at player personnel luncheons, and you’ve interviewed coaches on his staff (to satisfy the Rooney Rule), right underneath his nose.

Big Pussy had better treatment on Tony’s boat, the day Tony, Silvio, and Paulie Walnuts had to “question” him about his relationship with the feds. Sharon Tate was treated better, by the hoard of hippies she let into her house, that fateful night back in the late sixties.

The joke is now on you. Your "hire" humiliated you on national TV Monday night. And he's laughing all the way to the bank. Cashing your checks, stupid.

Just let Horny for Zorny go. We really don’t want to see him make a fool of you again. Your die hard, ticket paying, glutton for punishment fans deserve better. Especially when the most hated team in Washington is on the horizon.

In fact, a nice gesture would be to let Boss Hog Joe Bugel coach the final two games of the season. Let him lead the team that has been so near and dear to his heart. Give him a chance to lead a bunch of men that you employ, in an attempt to save face, and so not to be the butt of the nation, Sportscenter, women’s support groups, 6 year olds, etc.

Tiger Woods and his overactive penis laugh at you.

And as far as the future of this team is concerned, we understand you’ve hired George Allen’s son to help you in your quest for a coach, and to guide you with regard to future team decisions, but could we make one more suggestion?

Hire Bruce Boudreau, coach of the Washington Capitals. Or at least someone like him.

Bruce Boudreau does not mince words. Watch a Caps game, not merely for the fact that it’s the best sports entertainment in D.C., but to see how Boudreau conducts himself in front of his players, and during a game. If his team is playing flat or if he feels the referee has dealt him a bad hand, be prepared for an onslaught of fire and brimstone.

You’re not going to get an “awe, shucks” answer, or my favorite from Zorny, “I don’t need to yell at grown men to get them motivated.” You’re more likely to get the drill sergeant from “Full Metal Jacket”.

Last week while in Edmonton, the Caps were on the tail end of a 4 game roadie, and looking to finish 1-3 on that trip, as they were losing 2-0 to the Oilers at the end of the 2nd period.

According to reports in both local fish wraps, Boudreau slammed the door to the locker room at intermission, and began unleashing an arsenal of expletives, primarily at the team and league’s superstar, Alex Ovechkin. It was reported that he lobbed more “F-bombs” in Ovechkin’s direction, than Eddie Murphy did during his entire, infamous “Delirious” routine. (You remember? Eddie in the red suit? Back when he was relevant. God, that was some funny shit.)

Anyway, a little fire under the ass does work with millionaire athletes. Ovechkin scored a goal 32 seconds into the third period, scored another 6 minutes later, and then added an assist to another, as the Caps scored 4 in the 3rd, and went on to win 4-2.

Currently, the Capitals are the kings of their division, and were the fastest team in NHL history to reach 50 points. How’s your team doing, Danny?

Tim Kawakami of the bay area’s Mercury News proclaimed in February of 2008, http://blogs.mercurynews.com/kawakami/2008/02/11/jim-zorn-to-the-redskins-probably-the-worst-nfl-hire-of-all-time/, that Jim Zorn was “probably the worst NFL hire of all time”.

Do all Redskin fans a favor, and put the guy out of his misery, already. And then could you beat Dallas?

That should hold all Redskins fans over until next September, when the Groundhog’s Day of mediocrity at Redskin Park, will begin all over again.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

13 and Done

Michael Wilbon, appearing on Tony Kornheiser's wild and crazy radio program this morning, stated that he felt the Saints were "done". And the dude was pretty adamant about it.

His reasoning- other than the fact that he must've jumped all over our service Saturday night, and laid down major wood on the Cowboys, was that he really felt they "peaked against New England" and that, "they're now finished."

I know you have the highest rated show on ESPN, along with Sportscenter and the Norman Chad Bad Joke Hour, but come on, Mike. How can you say that a team who just lost their first game of the season in week 15, is all the sudden on the brink of reserving tee times in January? You sound more like you're on a DUI than a PTI.

The two Washington Post renegades then went on to talk about how the second seed in the NFC- the Minnesota Vikings, were also "done". They stroked each others egos with this reasoning, reminding each other and the audience that "we said all along that Brett Favre was only going to be good for 10 games." They concluded by also talking about Adrian Peterson's lack of contribution, averaging less than 4 yards per.

The Canadian flag waver went on to boldly state that Green Bay, coming off a last second loss at Pittsburgh to drop to 9-5, would be representing the NFC in the Superbowl.

I anxiously await the 5:30 hour, when I can tune in to see Bevis and Butthead debate the day's sports topics.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Its A Swoonlike Struggle

One game over .500 thru 14 weeks is not going to earn us any handicapping awards. Unless of course you count the “awards” we receive in the mail- certified, from both our mortgage companies and our ex-wife’s attorney.

Hey, we are trying here. We just can’t seem to put together a few ‘W’s. But we will press on, so not to go thru life as a loser. Everybody hates a no it all, non-results getting loser. Just ask Mr. Cerrato.

In fact, last night after he resigned in favor of George Allen’s son, Mr. Cerrato went on to thank Terry Robieskie and Durant Brooks agent, and then told the gathered media to “get down on the under tonight. There is no way the Colts and Jags will score lots of points. I asked the rings on my fingers, and they told me so!”

Dallas +7.5 at New Orleans
“The December Swoon”. That’s what I’m led to believe Dallas is going through? A swoon? What the fuck is a swoon? It’s the flavor of the week, which the 24-hour news cycle likes to continue to drum up. Its what people like that horse faced and horse assed catholic basher Dana Jacobson talk about, on that two bit show she has, when she doesn’t have a cue card of stats to read from. Its what hillbilly Dallas reporters bring up at Bubba Phillips’ press conference, when they have nothing better to ask him about. It’s filler.

What if I told you that last December, the Cowboys played 3 of the 4 teams that ended up in their respective Conference Championships? (Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Philly) They lost all three of those games, but did manage to beat the then defending champs, NYGiants. Swoon?

This year, they got the Giants on the road- a tough divisional foe who does have a winning record, and then had to come back home to play a now 10-3 Charger team, who if not for two undefeated teams right now, could be argued to be the hottest team in football. Swoon?

Tony Romo’s combined stats in the two December losses this year: 60-85, 641 yards, 5 touches to 0 picks. Swoon?

We think not. Dallas’ back is to the wall. Dallas finds a way to sack up and at least keep it close, against a Saints team whose last two victories have been from a combined 6 points.

Green Bay at Pittsburgh –2
Six weeks ago, this point spread would’ve been almost double digits. The Steelers were at 6-2 and the Pack was struggling to maintain .500. We like Pittsburgh here, simply for the fact that we’re betting them not to lose 6 in a row, and we do feel there is some added value in playing them at home, laying less than a field goal.

Green Bay is on the back end of consecutive roadies- one of our favorite betting trends. Pittsburgh, on the other hand, is coming off 10 days rest following their loss at Cleveland. Green Bay just doesn’t seem like a 10-4 team to us at this point. A-Rod will be sacked no less than 6 times, and all will be well with big hair, big ass, big truck nation.

NYGiants at Washington +3
Call it Homerville, but we love the Redskins in this spot. For starters, they continue to have their bettor’s ship anchored in cover harbor, keeping it there for 5 straight weeks, and doing so against teams that will be playing in January. They beat Denver, and in consecutive weeks, could’ve beat Dallas, Philly, and the Saints.

We also feel the room temperature has been turned up a notch by Thursday’s addition of Bruce Allen as general manager. The play on the field has been more inspired over the past month, and this new set of eyes- no pun intended, should continue to keep players on their toes, as they are more or less playing for next year’s roster.

The Giants are just blah this year. They have secondary problems, offensively have not been the same since the 6 shooter went to the clink, and are currently a gambler’s worst nightmare- covering only once in their last 8.

Redskins continue to play well, and will beat that Giant ass on MNF.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Boner Time

Redskin fans everywhere are making the commute to work, and giving that 9a.m. presentation with the ever embarrassing, yet simply gratifying- morningwood.

It appears the midget owner had to make sure the overrated pillsbury doughboy, Mike Holmgren- who has not accomplished anything without a #4 at the helm, saw him over the steering wheel of Redskin One, as he headed his way to out sell the Cleveland Browns.

Regardless of who the radio station owner has lined up, it is a new and exciting day in D.C.

The bug eyed one is gone. No more looking at his fingers, as he reminds us of the championships he's been a part of. No more Durant Brooks in the 6th round, when we need O-Linemen. No more interviews with Sal Paolantonio, in the tunnel at FedEx Field the night of the Philadelphia game, looking like he was at the tail end of a 3 day "snow" storm.

Good bye, Vinny- it was not nice knowing you.

Now if we can only figure out a way to hide our excitement, as the teacher has asked us to come to the front of the room, and perform the math problem in front of the class.

"(One Redskin team) - (one egotistical jock and owner sniffing asshole GM) = hope in Ashburn."


Thursday, December 10, 2009

NFL Week 14- Turning the Corner

I’m not sure whose last two weeks have been worse, Tiger’s or ours? Let’s see- we’ve gone 1-6 picking against the number during that time period, and Tiger has pretty much pissed away half of his $1 billion fortune. Ok, so maybe Tiger’s has been a little bit worse, but nevertheless- we realize we need to get our shit together, and we are guaranteeing a huge week. Unleashing hell….

Pittsburgh at Cleveland +10
Newsflash: Pittsburgh sucks, ok. And we realize Cleveland does as well, but lets get real for a second. Can someone tell me the last time a professional football team “riding” a 4 game losing streak, has to go on the road during a short work week, and is in a spot in which they’re laying a double digit number? The answer is probably never.

The team loved by the big hair, big trucks, and big asses has some real problems this year. We’ve talked about the Superbowl hangover all year. Throw in Big Ben’s on and off the field problems, some locker room finger pointing, Troy Polomalu’s hair injury, and Mike Tomlin’s really motivating “unleash hell” comments, and you’ve got a .500 football team.

Cleveland has been somewhat competitive as of late. They played Cincinnati tough in a loss, posted 37 in a loss at Detroit, and 23 last week in a loss versus the Chargers.

Try this on for size: since 1998, NFL teams who are getting 10 or more points, in a game played after December 1st, are 74-26-5 ATS. We couldn't make that shit up. Or could we? It doesn’t matter; Browns cover.

Washington/Oakland Under 37.5
Other than the fact that you could tune into this game, and be witness to the first NFL game in history to feature two scrotums sitting in the respective owners suites, we’d advise you to spare the boredom, and catch up on all your Tivo’d episodes of Poker After Dark.

This total number looks suspiciously low to us. Both teams are coming off totals north of 50, and the Redskins-who were big Under players for the longest of times, have gone over 5 of their last 6. We advise you Martingale this one, and catch up on all the 'Skins Under' money you've lost over the the past 6 weeks.

Redskins will be tired of scoring more than 20, tired from the cross-country trip, but will be man enough to keep the quarterback with the real long last name in check. 13-10, some scrotum’s team wins.

Denver +7 at Indy
Look inside the numbers for a minute, and you’ll find that over the course of their 12-0 start, the Colts have only played one team who sports a Top 10 defense (Baltimore, ranked 10th, in a game the Colts should’ve lost). The list of teams they’ve played that defend the lower third of the NFL (Tenn twice, Hou twice, San Fran) goes on and on and on. In this spot, they get the 3rd ranked defense in Denver, in a game in which Peyton and crew will secure their first ‘L’.

Denver has looked very good since their mid season hiccup They boat raced the Giants in prime time, and then took care of business last week in a game they should’ve won, and did so with ease. They’ve also hit their stride on the ground.

Averaging over 125 rushing yards per game, the Broncos posted 138 against NYG, and a nice 245 last week versus Kansas City. That won’t set well with an Indy defense who is ranked 18th in the league versus the run.

We advise you to push all your chips towards the middle of the table, ala Jim Fassel 2K. Denver covers, wins outright, and leaves New Orleans as the last undefeated team.

San Diego at Dallas –3
Wade Phillips press conference the other day was the worst assault we’ve seen on a fat guy by other fat red neck guys, since Ned Beatty took it in the pooper on the set of ‘Deliverance’. We like the way he (kind of) stood up for his team, and we think his team will too.

Tony Romo threw for almost 400 yards last week, on 41 of 55, with 3 touches and no picks. How did they lose? Well, they gave up a screen pass that went for almost 80, they allowed a punt to be returned for 6, and offensively- they didn’t run the ball (45 total rushing yards).

The Chargers have won 7 straight coming in, and Norv Turner- of all people, is one of the silliest dudes to coach against the number in December (10-2 ATS, last 12). But they're in a bad spot here, on the road, against a team who is sick of hearing it.

This is Dallas’ season. Lose here, and it’s over Johnny. In fact lose here, and they might lose out. Expect the Boys to get back to how they butter their bread- on the ground, and they catch the Bolts slacking, on the heels of a back-to-back roadie. Boys, big.

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Inventing New Ways to Lose

I would have rather watched 30 minutes of a Saints 31-0 first half lead- left the "party" I was attending to watch the game, and then read about what eventually evolved into a Saints 56-0 victory.

But, nooooooooooooo.

Three straight weeks of inspired play- with most of our big name starters on the sideline, and three straight weeks of when its all said and done- stick it straight up our ass.

Temporary Coach Zorn, let me ask ya...... in between the Sudoku print outs on your 'play sheets', and the Beach Boys "God Only Knows" that is on rapid replay through your headset while you're on the sideline- can you do all of the frustrated and miserable Redskin fans a favor tomorrow morning- simply as an alleviator to what could only equate to football fan blue balls- and tell that little , 5th grader looking mother fucker, to pack up all his shit, and to get the fuck out of Redskin Park?

Shit for brains Suishem- like Jerry Glanville said some time ago, when you continuously miss chip shot field goals- that cost your team football games, 'NFL' stands for not for long, Rickey.

And have you ever seen a final two minutes of a half, in which one team could have whatever could wrong, go wrong? Are you fucking kidding me?

A muffed punt- only to be followed by a defensive stand, turned pickle, turned fumble, turned 6 the other-other way? Wha-wha-what???

Did that game really just happen?

One other thing Coach- why did you call a timeout at the end of the first half, right before the Saints lined up to kick an extra point? What if 11 had run the kick back to mid field, giving you an opportunity to kick a field goal? Could you have used a timeout there?

Not to focus on the little things of a game that left me wanting to go Tom Cable on the significant other, but it just goes to show you: 11-0 teams find ways to go 12-0, and 3-8 teams continue to find ways to break their fans hearts.

Friday, December 4, 2009

NFL Week 13

Philly at Atlanta +5.5
Falcons are averaging 25.3 points/game over the last 5 weeks. Eagles barely beat two horseshit teams over the past two weeks. Like the rest of the NFC East, they’re not very good. Atlanta and that crazy looking coach of theirs, get it done here.

St. Louis at Chicago-9.5
The Bears shouldn’t be giving anyone close to double digits. Lovie’s Losers have lost 4 games in a row, averaging a sweltering 12 points per over that stretch. However, with this softball, Jay Cutler will look like the franchise quarterback again, in a game that won’t be close.

Oakland +14.5 at Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh needs to “get right”, Oakland is traveling across country, Big Ben is back; the reasons to play Pittsburgh here in a blowout go on, and on, and on. Oakland can play, and have been better with Bruce Gradkowski. We have not been sold on Pittsburgh all year. Big ass-big hair-big truck fan’s team wins, but this game will be a bore fest.

Dallas +1 at NYGiants
In the first match up between these two, Dallas turned the ball over 4 times, and still should’ve won the game. They also racked up 251 yards on the ground. Giants are who we thought they were. We’re giving Romo this one chance, to prove to us he can go on the road in December, and win a game that matters.

New Orleans –9.5 at Washington
Trap game, shmap game. Dan Snyder is going to come out after this one, and apologize to the Skins fans for introducing Gregg Williams to the Saints, as badly as this one turns out. Skins have covered 3 straight, and have played 4 of 5 games over. It’s time to turn the corner. Saints win 27-13.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Roger Goodell and The NFL Need Their Heads Examined

"I Will Not Stop Until They're Wearing Skirts.."
What sport are Roger Goodell and the rest of the NFLPA watching? Football is a contact sport, correct? It’s fueled by high flying, highly paid athletes who collide into one another on every single play, of every game played each weekend.

The NFL’s new policy on concussions is absurd. It’s nothing more than an open invitation to the players to hide injuries. And in principal, it’s a rule that if correctly enforced (which it won’t be), would bankrupt the NFL, and turn away their fan base in droves.

Mr. Sensitive- Commissioner Goodell, in between deciding who is righteous enough in this (barely) free enterprise of ours to be part of an NFL ownership group and creating unintended consequences by implementing rules that will affect the player's lower body more (i.e. knees), has cow-towed to the NFLPA and the players that came before him, to implement a rule that is laughable. The reality of it is that it’s only going to make the problem worse.

The NFL is the number one sport in this country for many reasons. Two of them are for the superior athletes that compete in the sport and the violence associated with the sport itself.

So in another attempt to curb the violence (see before it: helmet to helmet, chop block, the pussification of the roughing the passer rule, etc.) of a sport that involves violence on every single play, you’re really going to ask these teams to sit these superstar players who drive your bottom line, put people in the seats and in front of the televisions each weekend? And you're going to expect these players, who many of who are vying for that "contract year" paycheck to be on the up and up about their injury?


The American people love their football. We love the structure of a Sunday in the fall. We love to gamble, set our fantasy lineups, drink a beer or 10, and watch some football. The more you restrict the game and its players, the more you run the risk of turning the fan away.

And the players aren't going to be thrilled with this either.

Football players aren't stupid. They realize they play in a sport that has (on average) a 3.8 year lifespan. They realize they've been gifted with a talent that in many cases allows for them to make an astronomical amount of money, and they have a very small window in which to make that money.

The risk that goes with playing football professionally is what it is. No one is putting a gun to these guys’ heads to sign 6 and 7 digit salaries, and to make more money in one quarter of a football game than most people in this country make in a year.

Its football, stupid- not cricket. The players assume the risk, and the public pays their salaries for doing so. The fans want nothing to do with regulations and neither will the players. End of story.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

When The Levee Breaks

File this under the "tragedy + time = comedy" philosophy, of Washington Post Live's Ivan Carter.

While speaking to a forum on his show this evening that included Redskin beat writer Jason Reid, and Washington Post and 1067 The Fan's Mike Wise (more on him later)- Carter asked the panel if the Redskins best chance against New Orleans this weekend was to "open up the levees".

Carter was quickly politically corrected by Wise, who told him he was running the risk of "getting us censored."

I wonder if Carter will mix in a Twin Towers collapsing reference when analyzing this week's Cowboys/Giants game.

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