Monday, December 21, 2009

13 and Done

Michael Wilbon, appearing on Tony Kornheiser's wild and crazy radio program this morning, stated that he felt the Saints were "done". And the dude was pretty adamant about it.

His reasoning- other than the fact that he must've jumped all over our service Saturday night, and laid down major wood on the Cowboys, was that he really felt they "peaked against New England" and that, "they're now finished."

I know you have the highest rated show on ESPN, along with Sportscenter and the Norman Chad Bad Joke Hour, but come on, Mike. How can you say that a team who just lost their first game of the season in week 15, is all the sudden on the brink of reserving tee times in January? You sound more like you're on a DUI than a PTI.

The two Washington Post renegades then went on to talk about how the second seed in the NFC- the Minnesota Vikings, were also "done". They stroked each others egos with this reasoning, reminding each other and the audience that "we said all along that Brett Favre was only going to be good for 10 games." They concluded by also talking about Adrian Peterson's lack of contribution, averaging less than 4 yards per.

The Canadian flag waver went on to boldly state that Green Bay, coming off a last second loss at Pittsburgh to drop to 9-5, would be representing the NFC in the Superbowl.

I anxiously await the 5:30 hour, when I can tune in to see Bevis and Butthead debate the day's sports topics.

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