Sunday, December 6, 2009

Inventing New Ways to Lose

I would have rather watched 30 minutes of a Saints 31-0 first half lead- left the "party" I was attending to watch the game, and then read about what eventually evolved into a Saints 56-0 victory.

But, nooooooooooooo.

Three straight weeks of inspired play- with most of our big name starters on the sideline, and three straight weeks of when its all said and done- stick it straight up our ass.

Temporary Coach Zorn, let me ask ya...... in between the Sudoku print outs on your 'play sheets', and the Beach Boys "God Only Knows" that is on rapid replay through your headset while you're on the sideline- can you do all of the frustrated and miserable Redskin fans a favor tomorrow morning- simply as an alleviator to what could only equate to football fan blue balls- and tell that little , 5th grader looking mother fucker, to pack up all his shit, and to get the fuck out of Redskin Park?

Shit for brains Suishem- like Jerry Glanville said some time ago, when you continuously miss chip shot field goals- that cost your team football games, 'NFL' stands for not for long, Rickey.

And have you ever seen a final two minutes of a half, in which one team could have whatever could wrong, go wrong? Are you fucking kidding me?

A muffed punt- only to be followed by a defensive stand, turned pickle, turned fumble, turned 6 the other-other way? Wha-wha-what???

Did that game really just happen?

One other thing Coach- why did you call a timeout at the end of the first half, right before the Saints lined up to kick an extra point? What if 11 had run the kick back to mid field, giving you an opportunity to kick a field goal? Could you have used a timeout there?

Not to focus on the little things of a game that left me wanting to go Tom Cable on the significant other, but it just goes to show you: 11-0 teams find ways to go 12-0, and 3-8 teams continue to find ways to break their fans hearts.

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