Friday, December 18, 2009

Its A Swoonlike Struggle

One game over .500 thru 14 weeks is not going to earn us any handicapping awards. Unless of course you count the “awards” we receive in the mail- certified, from both our mortgage companies and our ex-wife’s attorney.

Hey, we are trying here. We just can’t seem to put together a few ‘W’s. But we will press on, so not to go thru life as a loser. Everybody hates a no it all, non-results getting loser. Just ask Mr. Cerrato.

In fact, last night after he resigned in favor of George Allen’s son, Mr. Cerrato went on to thank Terry Robieskie and Durant Brooks agent, and then told the gathered media to “get down on the under tonight. There is no way the Colts and Jags will score lots of points. I asked the rings on my fingers, and they told me so!”

Dallas +7.5 at New Orleans
“The December Swoon”. That’s what I’m led to believe Dallas is going through? A swoon? What the fuck is a swoon? It’s the flavor of the week, which the 24-hour news cycle likes to continue to drum up. Its what people like that horse faced and horse assed catholic basher Dana Jacobson talk about, on that two bit show she has, when she doesn’t have a cue card of stats to read from. Its what hillbilly Dallas reporters bring up at Bubba Phillips’ press conference, when they have nothing better to ask him about. It’s filler.

What if I told you that last December, the Cowboys played 3 of the 4 teams that ended up in their respective Conference Championships? (Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Philly) They lost all three of those games, but did manage to beat the then defending champs, NYGiants. Swoon?

This year, they got the Giants on the road- a tough divisional foe who does have a winning record, and then had to come back home to play a now 10-3 Charger team, who if not for two undefeated teams right now, could be argued to be the hottest team in football. Swoon?

Tony Romo’s combined stats in the two December losses this year: 60-85, 641 yards, 5 touches to 0 picks. Swoon?

We think not. Dallas’ back is to the wall. Dallas finds a way to sack up and at least keep it close, against a Saints team whose last two victories have been from a combined 6 points.

Green Bay at Pittsburgh –2
Six weeks ago, this point spread would’ve been almost double digits. The Steelers were at 6-2 and the Pack was struggling to maintain .500. We like Pittsburgh here, simply for the fact that we’re betting them not to lose 6 in a row, and we do feel there is some added value in playing them at home, laying less than a field goal.

Green Bay is on the back end of consecutive roadies- one of our favorite betting trends. Pittsburgh, on the other hand, is coming off 10 days rest following their loss at Cleveland. Green Bay just doesn’t seem like a 10-4 team to us at this point. A-Rod will be sacked no less than 6 times, and all will be well with big hair, big ass, big truck nation.

NYGiants at Washington +3
Call it Homerville, but we love the Redskins in this spot. For starters, they continue to have their bettor’s ship anchored in cover harbor, keeping it there for 5 straight weeks, and doing so against teams that will be playing in January. They beat Denver, and in consecutive weeks, could’ve beat Dallas, Philly, and the Saints.

We also feel the room temperature has been turned up a notch by Thursday’s addition of Bruce Allen as general manager. The play on the field has been more inspired over the past month, and this new set of eyes- no pun intended, should continue to keep players on their toes, as they are more or less playing for next year’s roster.

The Giants are just blah this year. They have secondary problems, offensively have not been the same since the 6 shooter went to the clink, and are currently a gambler’s worst nightmare- covering only once in their last 8.

Redskins continue to play well, and will beat that Giant ass on MNF.

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