Thursday, December 3, 2009

Roger Goodell and The NFL Need Their Heads Examined

"I Will Not Stop Until They're Wearing Skirts.."
What sport are Roger Goodell and the rest of the NFLPA watching? Football is a contact sport, correct? It’s fueled by high flying, highly paid athletes who collide into one another on every single play, of every game played each weekend.

The NFL’s new policy on concussions is absurd. It’s nothing more than an open invitation to the players to hide injuries. And in principal, it’s a rule that if correctly enforced (which it won’t be), would bankrupt the NFL, and turn away their fan base in droves.

Mr. Sensitive- Commissioner Goodell, in between deciding who is righteous enough in this (barely) free enterprise of ours to be part of an NFL ownership group and creating unintended consequences by implementing rules that will affect the player's lower body more (i.e. knees), has cow-towed to the NFLPA and the players that came before him, to implement a rule that is laughable. The reality of it is that it’s only going to make the problem worse.

The NFL is the number one sport in this country for many reasons. Two of them are for the superior athletes that compete in the sport and the violence associated with the sport itself.

So in another attempt to curb the violence (see before it: helmet to helmet, chop block, the pussification of the roughing the passer rule, etc.) of a sport that involves violence on every single play, you’re really going to ask these teams to sit these superstar players who drive your bottom line, put people in the seats and in front of the televisions each weekend? And you're going to expect these players, who many of who are vying for that "contract year" paycheck to be on the up and up about their injury?


The American people love their football. We love the structure of a Sunday in the fall. We love to gamble, set our fantasy lineups, drink a beer or 10, and watch some football. The more you restrict the game and its players, the more you run the risk of turning the fan away.

And the players aren't going to be thrilled with this either.

Football players aren't stupid. They realize they play in a sport that has (on average) a 3.8 year lifespan. They realize they've been gifted with a talent that in many cases allows for them to make an astronomical amount of money, and they have a very small window in which to make that money.

The risk that goes with playing football professionally is what it is. No one is putting a gun to these guys’ heads to sign 6 and 7 digit salaries, and to make more money in one quarter of a football game than most people in this country make in a year.

Its football, stupid- not cricket. The players assume the risk, and the public pays their salaries for doing so. The fans want nothing to do with regulations and neither will the players. End of story.

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