Sunday, January 24, 2010

Conference Championships

Minnesota at New Orleans-3.5
The gig is up this week for the 40-year-old magician. We realize he’s accomplishing things at 40 that only the likes of Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire have achieved (in a much tougher sport, we might add), but this is the week Tony Kornholio’s look alike and Brett Fah-ver-rah’s ship comes crashing down.

Going on road record alone, Tony Kornholio’s look alive is a distressing 2 games under .500 at the helm in Minnesota. And it’s about par for the course, considering his team finished 4-4 this year on the road, and lost 3 of their 4 final roadies.

Brett Fah-ver-rah is not exactly a bookie’s nightmare either when it comes to playing on the road. Just take a look at his last 5 years- you know, during the time when he’s had his (wink-wink) “second wind”, he’s only 19-21 straight up. And his playoff numbers aren’t exactly Aikman, Elway, or even Steve Young-esque either. In 23 career playoff games, he has turned the ball over a staggering 33 times.

Consider the atmosphere at the Superdome this weekend, when thinking about the previous mentioned. We realize that the Saints did have a lull late in the season, as they were punked by Dallas and we’re totally caught off guard by Tampa. But just remember what this team did for the majority of the season, and what they did last weekend to the defending NFC champions. They were averaging over 38 points per game at one point, and at the Superdome this season, beat their opponent by an average score of 33-20.

Reggie Bush has fresh legs, Drew Brees looked like a killer again, and the Saints have a renewed confidence in themselves following last weekend’s demolition job on Arizona. Play the Saints with confidence. They will be rolling into Miami.

NYJets +8 at Indianapolis
When investing hard earned green on football teams that consist of players and coaches who make more than most will make in a lifetime, playing the “Knute Rockne” rah-rah, shish- com- fucking bah angle of Rex Ryan- who has had a Superbowl itinerary laid out for his team since Christmas, might not be the most prudent of plays. But something has got to be said for the cock strong attitude of that obnoxious bastard, because we do believe he has that team believing it.

Over the course of their last 8 games, the league’s #1 ranked defense (which by the way, defense does win football games, right?), is only giving up 9 points per. From the other perspective, the highest ranked defense that the Colts beat all year, were the #7 ranked Broncos. The games in which Indy covered, or put up monster numbers in, were all against teams whose defenses were north of the #20 rank. Check it for yourself- blowouts and/or covers versus Mia (22nd), Arz (20th), Sea (24th), Tenn (28th, twice), St. Louis (29th).

The games in which they did not cover, OR scored less than 20 points, were against the # 1 ranked Jets, the #3 ranked Ravens, the #13th Texans, and the #15th ranked 49ers.

Anyway, we have absolutely no confidence laying major jack on the Colts in this spot. Peyton Manning was ‘off’ last week against the Ravens, and the Colts had the benefit of both a few timely penalties called their way, and the Ed Reed fumble after the pick- which most certainly would’ve resulted in a non-cover. Also, the Colts have absolutely NO running game, and the Jets do. The Jets posted 202 against the Colts in last months alleged “scab” game.

We don’t like a blowout scenario whatsoever. The Jets D is too tough, their coach has them playing above their heads, and maybe, just maybe, his parade through downtown Manhattan will prove to be fruition. J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets.

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