Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Big Ben Is Not A Rapist: He's Just Stupid

Ben Roethlisberger is a serial dumb ass. But we're going to hold off judgement on the serial rapist tag.

Just because a 28 year old multimillionaire is hanging out with his boys, throwing back pops and grabbing ass, doesn't mean he's a serial rapist. I would suggest the Lester Munsons of the world hold off judgement and the doom and gloom tone in their voices, until all the facts come out.

We're talking about the leader of the Big Hair, Big Truck, Big Ass nation, and nobody ever claimed the dude was a friggin rocket scientist. Yes, he's won two Super Bowls for those towel waving inbreeds, but he has consistently shown that when it comes to the common sense decisions of life, he's like a short bus riding window licker.

This is the same idiot who planted his grill in a car grill, while attempting to navigate the streets of Pittsburgh on a motorcycle while helmet less. This is the same guy who was in a very similar predicament two years ago in Lake Tahoe, when a casino employee accused him of assaulting her.

The Tahoe case was sketchy at best, with the accuser's story changing more times than a Big Ben audible, and by one witness' testimony, the accuser even bragged about her sexual tryst with the Pittsburgh gunslinger.

The fact that he's put himself in the same vulnerable position for the second time in less than two years, doesn't make this new accuser's story more believable, it simply sheds light on how dumb and naive Roethlisberger really is. He's just another, in the long line of notable, visible athletes with money, who puts themselves out there to be picked like fresh produce.

Just last month, former Dallas Cowboy Michael Irvin-whose past is certainly more checkered than Roethlisberger's, was accused and then quickly exonerated of any rape charges, when authorities found there to be no physical evidence of a crime, and a accuser whose story was full of lies.

Point is- when there is smoke, there is not always fire. And in the day and age of Tiger Woods writing as many "hush money" checks as he has mistresses, and the Gloria Alreds of the world, readying her ambulance chasing law firm, to $weep in and pick up the pieces of America's next jilted lover, I think we should take pause, and let the dust settle, before we're having Big Ben fitted for his orange jumpsuit.

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