Monday, March 15, 2010

Its Own Worst Enemy

The NHL continues to be it own worst enemy. Twelve minutes into a nationally televised game, and the NHL's zebras threw the most exciting player in the league out of the game. If there is a TV ratings equivalent to f**king up a wet dream, that was it.

Not to mention, the Caps/Blackhawks game was up against many NCAA conference tournament finals, leading up to their much anticipated Selection Sunday shows, the NHL needs all it can get when it comes to star power. The refs pulling the trigger on Ovi in that spot was pathetic.

Ovechkin didn't do anything of malice; It was a boarding penalty, for Christ's sake! The Blackhawks' Brian Campbell, from what we could tell, was already going down. As is the case much of the time with the NFL when it comes to questionable 'late hits' against quarterbacks, both players were going 100 mph , and their momentum took care of the rest.

The unintended consequence of this brilliant move by the NHL rule enforcers, was the casual fans turning back to the basketball, and then them being robbed of seeing the offensive Juggernaut that is the Washington Capitals, as they scored 4 unanswered goals to win 4-3 in overtime. Nice job, Gary.

The NHL, like the NFL, needs to quit pussifying its sport, and let these guys play. Your kid gloves and referees are ruining the game for the fans. As we've bitched and moaned before, your players can go get real jobs, if they're not comfortable with the risk that comes with their current occupation.

Unlike the NFL, the NHL needs to parlay any kind of pub they can get (i.e. Olympic Hockey finals), and let that snowball roll into possibly bigger audiences, and better TV exposure.

Yesterday the NHL let that snowball hit a wall.

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