Monday, March 29, 2010

A Nit Pick of Drabick

Speak up, Liz Drabick! And quit talking in that tone of voice that makes you sound like you're Mrs. Robinson trying to bed Benjamin Braddock. 1067 The Fan's token woman, amongst a room full of ass grabbing dudes, has "vocal" problems on two fronts, and its gotten beyond the point of annoying.

For starters, station producers should consider dropping, or at least lowering the volume on that stupid friggin, Charlie Harper-esque jingle, that they feel the need to blast during her updates. It completely drowns out Drabick's already soft and smokey voice, and renders her already menial job useless. Making out every other word of what the lowly Wizards did the night before, or not being able to hear how money Alex Ovechkin was in another Caps win, is extremely aggravating, and leaves the listeners wanting to Carl Edwards someone on the Capital Beltway.

Secondly, we're not sure if Drabick moonlights as a '1-900' operator or what, but enough of the radio voice seduction already! We don't need to be sporting wood as a result of you telling us what Nats' player was just sent down to 'AA' Harrisburg. If deja vu was Drabick's updates, then i'm 12 years old, and my dad just beat the shit out of me, as a result of the $475 phone bill he just got in the mail.

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