Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Problems with His Bracket

You ever hear someone talking about the score of a sporting event by mentioning the losing score first? "Yeah, umm, the Caps beat the Penguins 3-4."

Your first impression is usually that the dude is a tool who doesn't get out much, and is most likely trying to impress you and the rest of the room with his up to date knowledge of a completed sporting event, in between his next trip to Lowe's with the old lady.

The following story is not about a tool.

No, this guy is one of the good ones- a lifelong Redskin fan and season ticket holder, who was famous for giving the business to players down at the green fence, back when the Skins played at RFK.

In fact, in one famous incident, former Cowboy and Redskin James Washington took a swing at this friend of ours, when our friend's pre-game harassment became too much for the former safety to handle.

Yes, our friend is a very spirited guy, but he's just not much of a basketball fan. And that fact was brought to the surface in a pretty big way last week.

Participating in a smallish bracket pool that is run by another mutual friend of ours, this good guy- who would never mention the losing score first of any sporting event, faxed in his bracket last Wednesday night with one little snafu; he had printed off, filled out, and then faxed over.....the Women's bracket.

Now I've tried to give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Like maybe he didn't notice the letters 'W' and 'O' strategically placed in front of the word 'MEN', prior to selecting the bracket to print off. Or maybe after he had printed off his bracket, he didn't happen to notice that three of the four #1 seeds weren't even playing in the men's tournament- UConn, Stanford, and Nebraska. And of those three, Stanford and Nebraska didn't even qualify for the NIT.

Actually, can I retract my statement about this guy not being a tool?

I mean, how the fuck do you do that? He sent over the Women's NCAA bracket, thinking it was the Men's!! Is he for real?

I wish I had known this beforehand. I could've gotten his advice on the West Virginia/Lamar game, because quite frankly, that was one of the first round match ups I was really having a hard time wrapping my head around!

And also, my friend, are John Wall's sister and the Lady Wildcats at Kentucky, "WO"-Man enough to get out of the Kansas City Region, and reach the Final Four? Their first round game against Liberty could be a real kick in the balls if they're not careful!

In all seriousness, it was an honest mistake. Anyone without a pulse, the internet, the WaPo sports page, or ESPN's 14 channels could've done the same thing. And who knows. After this weekend's "Madness", and the number of people across this fruited plain whose bracket sheets have made the circular file, maybe our friend's entry is still in contention to win it all.

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