Monday, April 5, 2010

Chill The F Out

Is Shanahan an upgrade over Zorn? Is McNabb an upgrade over Campbell? Short answers are 'yes and yes'. The lack of enthusiasm today both on radio and on the web, was underwhelming by our count. Let the dust settle, the draft happen, and the rest of the wheeling and dealing play itself out, before you kill the new regime.

Today's Mike Wise Show with Bill, errrr, Holden Kushner, treated the Skins like a punching bag, for what they thought was just the "same old, same old."

Personally, we'll take a 33 year old Donovan McNabb, with his 6 pro bowls and 3rd best record of all active quarterbacks, over an unproven Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen any day. And who says the Skins are "punting" all their draft picks?

They still have the 4th pick in the draft, dummies. They'll use that pick to either take Russell Okung, to shore up some of their O-line issues, or they'll trade that pick for more picks, in order to shore up their O-line issues.

Also, we anticipate more dealing to come. Like maybe a Haynesworth, Cooley, or Landry- all names that have been in the trade conversation. Unloading any or all three of those guys, is also going to result in more draft picks.

So don't get your panties in a bunch. The trade for McNabb was a good thing, and since we've been pleased with how things have played out since the regime took over, we'll give the Redskins the benefit of the doubt, as they move forward.

Maybe Mr. Kushner was going for the shock value, since it was his first day of school on his new show. He needs to just chill, and be happy there is something football related to talk about with regard to the Redskins, instead of his new co-host's socially liberal politics, and radio buzz kill, when he gets on a rant about how offensive the team's name is.

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