Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Price Is Right" Loser Horns

Did we say the Caps would win 7-2? What we meant to say, was for Caps fans to equate Game 7 to a poker tournament, and you were about to be dealt 7-2 offsuit. Felted.

Wow. What a total disappointment. There is nothing to say, other than that. A total, sick to the stomach, disappointment. And unfortunately, the only conclusion, to sum up this debacle, is that the Caps choked. Period.

The Canadians certainly played mind numbing, frustrating to the core defense, but a 1 seed losing to an 8 seed is inexcusable. A 1 seed losing to an 8 seed, in which the 1 seed blows a 3-1 series advantage, is doubly inexcusable. Its actually in the category of "are you fucking kidding me?" inexcusable.

Looking forward, the Caps organization is going to have to realize that their style of President Cup, "6-4" "7-3" regular season type wins, doesn't equate to the playoffs. In fact, it hasn't equated for about 3 straight years now.

NHL playoff hockey is a completely different animal. And when you constantly have defenders getting beat, taking stupid penalties, and concerning themselves more with lighting the lamp, than putting a body on someone, well than you're going to have some issues come post season, Mike Green.

The refs wave off of Ovi's goal to open the 3rd period, was certainly a dagger, and an extremely questionable call, especially in light of the situation. However, the Caps and their fans cannot hang their hats on that argument. The Canadians just beat that Cap ass. They out hustled, out blocked, and ultimately, out scored them.

It sucks, but it is what it is. Disappointment, to the highest degree.

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