Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quick Hitters

Donovan McNabb apparently has been pleading with Redskin coaches to sign Terrell Owens. He's also apparently pushed for Rush Limbaugh to be hired as the Skins new quarterbacks coach.

People who don't play golf, watch golf, or understand golf, should probably take the high road with regard to talking the rules of golf, or as we put it in the 'YackShack', just shut the fuck up.

The rule that came into play this past Sunday regarding Brian Davis touching/moving a loose impediment within the confines of a hazard, has been part of the game of golf for over 100 years. For the 24 hour news cycle dimwits to debate this rule, and over dramatize how much it "affected" the outcome of that tournament, was an embarrassment for sports journalism, and an insult to golf and Jim Furyk, the eventual winner.

The ruling had no bearing on the outcome. Furyk two putted for his par, and Davis' 30 foot "par putt" (what he would've been putting for, had he not been assessed the penalty) missed.

The uninformed sports media, who only know and care about golf when Tiger Woods is in the field, are exactly the types of assholes who I don't want playing in the foursome in front of me, when me and my boys are involved in a $50 Nassau, with automatic presses, and $2 trash, double trash on birdies. (to include sandies, whammies, and greenies-but only on the par 3's)

Back to the Skins. They were 4-12 last year. Shanahan and McNabb are worth 3-4 more victories alone. Depending on what moves they make tomorrow night and moving forward, the Yack thinks no worse than 7-9, possibly topping out at 10-6. And if they draft Ashburn and Stone Bridge's own, Ed Wang, to help protect the new QB, they could be looking at 14-2.

Denny Hamlin of Joe Gibbs Racing, won the Samsung 500 at Texas Motor Speedway on Monday. His team owner was then spotted running around the winner's circle, most likely laughing that weird, creepy laugh he has, and he was sporting a cowboy hat. This just a month after the former Redskin coach was inducted into the Texas Motorsports Hall of Fame. What a traitor.

Some "12 year old boy" named Lorena Ochoa retired from the LPGA Tour yesterday........Bueller...Bueller.....Caps game......NFL Draft Thursday night.....Bueller...Bueller...(Yo Yack, didn't you just prop golf, and bash the haters a mere 3 paragraphs ago? You're a dick!!...)

Do the employees in both Mike Florio and Adam Schefter's offices walk around all day with umbrellas wide open, to shield themselves from all the shit that falls from the ceiling, that used to be reports and tweets that never came to fruition?

I wonder how the New York football Giants will respond this year, especially now that they officially have the worst quarterback in the NFC East.

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