Monday, April 19, 2010

Step Off, Losers. D.C is For Winners

Dear Washingtonians,

Let's all take a moment to not commiserate, and instead rejoice in all the good things sport is giving this town right now.

How about them Nats, baby! 6-6 through 12 games is like Christmas friggin morning! And considering 6 of their first 9 were on the road, and 6 of their first 9 were against the National League defending champion Phillies, .500 at this point is quite respectable.

Hell, if Jason Marquis was a beer vendor at Nats Park, instead of an 0-3 Nats pitcher with a 20.52 ERA, maybe the Nats would be 7-5, or 8-4!

Even yesterday's 11-7 loss to Milwaukee, showed that this team is about fight, and never giving up. "Led" by another stellar outing by Marquis, the Nats gave up 10 runs in the first inning, but then 'won' the rest of the game 7-1.

They lead the NL in stolen bases(14), which is allowing them to keep their opponents on their toes and define themselves as classic run manufacturers. Their pitching is still their Achilles heel, but they have had solid mid to late inning work from both Matt Capps and Tyler Clippard.

The Yack played the Nats over 70.5 games, and we took the Nats +2 games versus the Orioles (total games won. Yeah, fuck you, Angelos!). And if Stephen Strasburg is called up in June, and Adam Dunn and Ian Desmond eventually find their bats, we could be looking at a team that wins 80 games. Seriously.

Secondly, DC Metro, do not sweat the Caps. They will get it done against Montreal, and will continue to set their sights on bigger and better things. Nobody's ass was clenched tighter than Cap fan Saturday night, especially when they went down 4-1 late in the 2nd period. But the Caps roared back, and displayed an energy in the 3rd period that was a reminder to all, of how bad ass they can be.

The Caps outscored the Habs 5-1 in the final 22 minutes played Saturday night, as the Habs showed their true 8th seed colors(3-8 in last 11 regular season games played, and only scoring more than 3 goals twice in their last 16 games played).The Caps were the best team in the regular season, and will win this series in 6 games.

And last, but not least- especially in this town, your Washington Redskins. New regime, new quarterback, and positive attitudes all around. I don't think I've been this excited about an upcoming football season since.....ummm,last year?

Just three days shy of the first prime time NFL Draft, there does seem to be a new attitude at Redskin Park, and we're half chubbed for it. We like the McNabb trade, and we feel the Skins will take care of business in front of McNabb.

In fact, a little bird recently told me that "10 pick" Holmgren (who btw, is converting the Brownies to a 4-3) might be willing to part with one of those 10, in exchange for a certain player with a bad attitude, who requires a stretcher for when he's winded.

Whatever the Skins do on Thursday night and the days that follow really doesn't matter. Its the start of something new, and Redskin fan eats that 'new shit' for breakfast.

So tell that curmudgeon sitting next to you at the bar to turn that frown, upside down. Take a look around. This is DC, and the times are a changing for the better.

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  1. What about the 'Zards, D.C. United (olay olay olay olay), and whatever the F that professional tennis team is called? Let's face it; D.C. sports are struggelling!


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