Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Yack is Hot, Big Ben's Belly and Brain, Are Not

The Yack continues to hand out winners!
On the heels of giving out the Saints as a straight up winner in February's Superbowl, not only did we give out a 10/1 winner on Phil Mickelson in this past weekend's Masters, but we also predicted- just days after the story first broke, that Big Ben Roethlisberger would not face sexual assault charges.

Unlike the Lester Munson and EB's of the world, who collectively convicted the Steeler gunslinger just days after the alleged incident, in what had to be some of the most irresponsible radio ever, we advised to allow the dust to settle and the facts to come out, before fitting BB for his orange jumpsuit.

One thing Big Ben is still guilty of, however, is displaying signs of mild retardation, with regard to public image and how he conducts himself.

Sporting a greasy, dirty mullet, a triple chin, and a hand me down pull over he probably purchased at a Breezewood flea market, Big Ben was the epitome of a 'piece of work', as he proclaimed his sorrow and need to be a more responsible citizen.

In what is becoming a sports world epidemic- athletes getting piss poor advice following scandalous activities, couldn't somebody have put Ben in the barber's chair and arranged his Men's Wearhouse appointment, prior to his first public appearance in a month?

I mean, Jesus Christ, Ben! You were the visual equivalent of a dude beating an armed robbery charge, and then showing up the next day in a ski mask, brandishing a firearm. I didn't know if I was looking at a National Football League quarterback, or a guy who was getting ready to take Ned Beatty's virginity!

It was nice to see him clean shaven and sporting a suit and tie, for his meeting with the Commish, but enough already, Rooney Family. Get a hold of your franchise player, knock the stupid son of a bitch around a few times, and get his fat ass in the gym (preferably on a tread mill) and out of da clubs. He obviously lacks the moral and intellectual/common sense abilities, to carry the torch as 'the face of the franchise'. The sooner he's "counseled", the better.

When one of the all time great hillbillies, Terry Bradshaw, calls you out for the idiot that you are, it might be time to check yourself.

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  1. Not really related to this above story, however, can you guys post an article about the current state of D.C. sportstalk radio? With the exception of the Junks, there is not a single radio show that I can stomach. Whether it's Lavar and Dukes, Szab and Andy, JT and Doc, Holden and Wise, or whatever other garbage 980 and 106.7 throw out there. For a major sports market it is embarrassing the sports talk that we are subjected to. I realize that most D.C. area sports fans are half retarded (evidence in all the callers to the Lavar and Dukes show that before making the point of their call must first kiss Lavar's ass and tell him what a great player he was, which he wasn't). But considering that we have a professional sports team for all major leagues we should be able to get some decent local sports talk radio. It's pretty sad when Brian Mitchell (aka the Emmitt Smith of D.C. when it comes to talking sports/butchering names and words in general) isn't the worst show on. It's also sad when I long for the "good ol' days" of the Coaches Soapbox.

  2. We already voiced our opinion on local sports radio, specifically 1067 The Fan, back in January. Thanks for reading.



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