Thursday, May 13, 2010

All Hail

The King has been disrespected and tonight he is going to do something about it. Believe me when I tell you, Lebron was taking notes yesterday and I fully expect him to reassert himself for what he is- the most dominant player in the league.

We're not the biggest NBA fans in the world, but I really don't understand where some of this criticism was coming from yesterday. The guy had a bad game and yes, he did seem a bit out of it, but people are going way overboard on him. And anyone that tries to argue with a straight face that the roster around Lebron is a championship caliber roster, is smoking crack.

The team is Lebron, as evidenced by the other night.

If he is off, there is not one person on that roster that you can count on to be there to pick up the slack. Moe Williams is not that good, Jamison is very overrated, and Shaq is damn near 60; just look at the cover of Sports Illustrated today. Boston's roster takes a big, fat, steaming shit on Cleveland's from top to bottom. They have a better starting 5 and a deeper bench. And they won it all just 2 years ago. The Celtics start Rondo, Allen, Pierce and Garnett, and people are surprised that they are competitive in this series. Why?

Kobe has scoreboard on Lebron because of the rings, but Kobe's been around 13 years now and he's had the advantage of being surrounded with talent that can actually HELP him.

Kobe doesn't win those 3 rings without having a Shaq that was still in his prime. Shaq left L.A. and what happened? They were a middle of the pack team in the West that never won a damn thing until they surrounded Kobe with the proper talent again. Pau Gasol, Odom, Bynum, Artest; Kobe has needed the supporting cast to win it all. And up to this point in his career, Lebron just hasn't had a supporting cast that is capable of getting them over the hump.

Kobe is really good, but Lebron is better. Lebron is the king, god damnit. And I literally can't wait until tonight when once again, he will be a man amongst boys, who will put his team on his back, and carry them back to Cleveland, where he will beat the Celtics on his own.

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