Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wise Needs to Talk Sports or STFU

The Fan's Mike Wise continues to show us why he's still out of touch with his audience, and why his station continues to search for its identity with regard to content.

The card carrying bleeding heart liberal, carpet-bagger, spent almost an entire 4 hour show yesterday invoking 'rape', 'entitlement', and 'racism' into the UVA Lacrosse case-which at the time, had provided virtually no details to the general public.

D.C.'s new sports talk? More like the male version of The View, hosted by a bald, pot stirring asshole.

Speaking almost entirely by himself, as it appeared even his co-host Holden Kushner was in awe ("ok, lets take a deep breath") with the hypocrisy and stupidity coming out of Wise's mouth, Wise got on his typical left leaning social slant, as he wondered out loud whether this case would garner headline coverage, if the victim and suspect weren't white and privileged.

The absurdity hit a deafening level, when Wise paralleled the Duke Lacrosse case to the current 'situation' at UVA- lumping all Lacrosse players together, as spoiled, entitled (white) rich kids, and his dialogue got even more stupid when again-not knowing a single fact to the crime which was barely 24 hours old, Wise wondered if rape was involved, and then spoke of some correlation, we guess only Wise seems to know of, between rape and college Greek Fraternity houses.

Late into Wise's show, details did emerge from the case, suggesting that the victim had some blunt force trauma to her head, and she had an eye that was swollen shut. At this point in the show, Wise immediately said the suspect would most likely get the death penalty.

We wonder how Wise would've handled his air time had the victims been black, or even better yet, the suspect had been black, and the victim white. We wonder what kind of stance he would've taken. Probably a more "hey, lets hear the details of the case, before we cast judgement" attitude.

Wise's commentary yesterday is particularly interesting, considering the commentary he offered the day his friend and confidant Gilbert Arenas was to be sentenced in the infamous "pick one" Wizards gun case.

A much different Wise that day, who was pleading for a light sentence for a guy who had already had a run in with the law for a gun incident, Wise offered every sympathetic excuse in the world, for why Arenas should get a slap on the wrist, which is what Arenas received, later that afternoon.

Two things of note here: Wise, or his bosses at The Fan, need to be reminded that their station is not in the genre for social commentary; its a sports talk format, guys. Time and time again, Wise sends his 25-54 year old males "packing" with his biased social commentary. If we wanted to hear that type of commentary (which we don't), we'd listen to his WaPo colleague, Eugene Robinson.

Secondly, bad apples come from all walks of life, and all kinds of colors. And the blood thirsty media covers them the same, regardless. OJ (black) and Nicole Brown (white), Rae Carruth(black) and his girlfriend(black). These cases garnered much more attention nationally than this UVA case will ever get.

This case falls into the Nancy Grace genre of broadcast, which ironically Wise mixed in a dig at her too, as he went on and on about it, doing essentially what she does on TV. This story is worth a mention in a sports talk format; not almost 4 hours of pablum.

The NBA playoffs, the Players' Championship, the 14-12 Nationals- all things Wise could be speaking about, instead of his hypocritical opinions on all the "social injustices" this big, bad, mean country has to offer.

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