Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Top 10 Reasons Why LeBron will be "Moving Out" This Summer

Drum roll please, Paul....

#10. LeBron has been having trouble falling asleep at night, having to listen to his Mom’s head repeatedly hit her bed’s headboard, whenever Delonte is paying a late night visit.

#9. LeBron used to just have to take out the trash and keep his room clean. Now his new "step dad" has implemented dish washing as part of his home chores, as well as the occasional, “get me a beer, boy.”

#8. Delonte West now plays Van Morrison’s “Gloria” non-stop, during pre-game dress in the Cavs locker room.

#7. Gloria James has added a jersey to compliment her “LeBron’s Mom” jersey, with a jersey that reads "#13+me=69".

#6. When on the court with West, LeBron is sick of hearing, “son, son…” when Delonte is attempting to get LeBron to pass him the ball.

#5. Tired of hearing teammates refer to his mom as a MILF.

#4. Upon hearing about the Delonte/LeBron's Mom story, both the Knicks and the Bulls implemented a "No Fucking Any Other Player's Mom" clause, into every roster player's contract.

#3. Delonte's "I got my head above the rim last night-wink,wink" and "Slam dunking that ass after the game" tweets, caused LeBron to go after West during a pre-game walk thru, prior to Game 4 versus Boston.

#2. Recently overheard Antawn Jamison ask West if he could smell West's fingers.

...and the #1 Reason Why LeBron will be moving out this summer....So that he can help John Wall and the Bullets bring a Championship to the Phone Booth!!!!

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