Friday, May 14, 2010

The War of Words Continues

Judge Patrick responds to Billy Sword:

I was hoping Bill Sword would show his face this morning, because I'm in the mood for a fight. I think it's funny how people like to argue that a player's individual achievements mean nothing unless the team succeeds, but yet those same people like to put all of the blame for a teams shortcomings on just one individual.

I guess Lebron should have had a better triple double last night. I guess Lebron should've done something to stop Mo Williams from scoring 4 points in Game 2. It's his fault that Jamison "went off" for 7 points in Game 1. It's Lebron's fault that Williams and Jamison in Game 5, the players that supposedly are the two pieces that make this roster championship worthy, COMBINED for 18 points in the biggest game of the year. Why didn't Lebron stop the Times Square Bomber?

You don't want to talk about the roster around Lebron because it's a argument that you can't win. 4 of the 5 best players in this series wear Celtics jerseys. Big Baby Davis outplayed Jamison for christ's sake.

I noticed that you tried to make your mention of Scottie Pippen as brief as possible. "MJ never had great talent around him." Pippen was only named one of the 50 greatest players of all time and a hall of famer, you friggin idiot. I'm sure that didn't help any. Dennis Rodman, greatest rebounder and interior defender of his time, probably helped out too. They were both just along for the ride, just like those bums Ron Harper and Toni Kukoc were along for the ride. You laugh at that I'm sure, but those guys were good players at that time and played big roles for those teams. I haven't even gotten to Phil Jackson. More titles than any other coach in history. I guess it was just a coincidence that Jordan didn't win anything until they fired Doug Collins and brought in Jackson.

"Is that too much to ask of the supposed greatest player in the game? The ability, in a tight elimination game, to take over a quarter."

I guess you weren't watching the night that Lebron scored his teams final 25 points, leading them to victory against Detroit on the road. You seem to be convinced that the Lakers were Kobe's team from the first day that he got there, and that Kobe has been this clone of Jordan that just eat, sleeps, and breathes winning. What was Kobe doing that one year against Phoenix in Game 7 when he took a total of 3 shots in that game? Would Phil Jackson draw up a game plan that would leave the unquestioned leader, and best player of the team, with just 3 shot attempts? Or was Kobe just being a selfish baby. Your memory is quite selective.

Lebron is 25 years old. He has been in the playoffs 5 out of 7 years, averaging 29 pts, 8 rebs, 7 asts. He's the only other player, besides Oscar Robertson, to average 27-6-6 for three years straight. He IS the best individual player in the NBA, but you can't win championships with just one man. You have to surround players like Lebron, Kobe, MJ with competent talent, and coaching, in order to win it all. When that happens, whether it is in Cleveland, New York, Chicago, or Baghdad, Lebron will win multiple championships. He's just too good not to. Until then, I guess he's going to have to listen to critics like Bill Sword, who thinks that a guy that averages nearly a triple double throughout his playoff career, is a glorified T Mac. What a horseshit line of thinking that is, Billy!

One last thing: until Lebron's son takes his dead body and cuts his head off so that he can stick it in a freezer in hopes of somehow being able to profit off his DNA, do not compare him to that lifetime loser, Ted Williams.

Now go fuck yourself. Judge Patrick.

Billy Sword:

Typical response from a Washington area sports fan, where the offseason and regular season seem just as important as the post season- you know, where championships are won.

You probably think it's okay that the Caps choked now that at least that same 8 seed beat the Penguins. Same fan that thinks McNabb is better than Eli Manning, when in comparable championship situations, one led his team to a title, while the other played the role of the big bad wolf and huffed and puffed and blew it in the 4th quarter.

Sometimes stats don't matter, especially when we're talking playoffs, you want to talk about playoffs..."playoffs??". Maybe Ovi and Lebron can enjoy a much needed MVP cruise together, while the real players are still chasing the hardware. So Judge Patty, continue to keep making excuses for those players that are supposed to be in the discussion for the greatest of all time, and while you're at it build yourself your own 'little' Mt. Rushmore of current sports stars, which can include Ovi, Lebron, Dale Jr., and Donovan.

Billy Sword

Judge Patrick fires back:

Is rape part of the process of becoming a winner? Maybe Lebron should travel to Colorado and ask the front desk girl to "fix his tv." Oh, my bad. Not to slander, I forgot, Kobe got off on that. (allegedly roughing up the suspect after she left)

Typical response from a Washington area sports fan??? Spare me, globe trotter. You root for the Steelers, Red Sox, Lakers, and the U, down in Miami. Does your sports gear come with a compass?

Is Trent Dilfer a better QB than McNabb? Is Mark Rypien better than McNabb? No and no. They were lucky enough to land on great teams, teams good enough to win a championship. All I'm saying is that in team sports, regardless of how great of a individual talent you may have on that team, you need to have a complete TEAM in order to win it all. The Giants don't beat the Patriots, despite Eli's efforts, without that pass rush. You can pick and choose examples all day long to fit the argument. People just take too much joy in pinning all the failures, but none of the success, on high profile players like Lebron and Ovie.

Lastly, just so there is no confusion, I want to make sure I have this straight. By your own standards, Ted Williams and his frozen head that his own son had cut off so that he could try and profit from selling the DNA, is a loser, right?

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