Sunday, June 6, 2010

Week in Review

Major props to Bud Selig for not overturning the blown call made by Jim Joyce in Wednesday night's perfect game that wasn't. The 24 hour knee jerk that occurred by many in the mainstream media, was for Selig to overturn the call, and reward Armando Galarraga with a perfect game.

This would've been a horrible decision, and would've opened a huge Pandora's box, for the 24 hour newscycle to debate ad nauseum. We're also happy that the sportsmanship and grace displayed by the characters involved (Joyce, Galarraga, and Tiger skipper, Jim Leyland)did not go un-noticed.

Ironically enough, the event itself- coupled with Ken Griffey Jr.'s retirement, made for a great day for baseball, even as testimony continued in the possible grand jury perjury case, against that asshole Roger Clemens. Griffey Jr. played the game clean and sober by all accounts, and unlike many of his counterpart cheaters, didn't get better into his mid and upper 30's.

The MSM is on record for saying that athletes/public figures who find themselves in trouble, would be much better off if they 'out' themselves to the public,and display their sorrow for their particular shortcoming. Never was this more evident, than in the compassion shown in polls across the country, which showed overwhelming support of Joyce, in the hours after his very public error.

Jim Joyce's immediate admission and genuine sorrow for blowing the call at 1st base, and Leyland and Galarraga's (especially) acceptance and reaction to Joyce's genuine heartfelt words, turned a sick to the stomach moment, into one of the greatest displays of sportsmanship in professional sports.

What say you, Judge Patrick?

Sally Jenkins is delusional. Her column this week advocating ESPN show more highlights from women's sports, was laugh out loud absurd.

Dear Sally. ESPN is in the business to make money. Making money in the land of TV requires viewership. The day when ESPN starts showing more women's highlights from sports, than what they currently do now, will be the day that myself and others will turn the channel. Regards, supply and demand.

"Ever had this experience, You want the score of a women's game, and can't get it?" she asks. The short answer, Sally, "No, I haven't."

So continues the problem we have as a society, as attitudes like hers are now displayed in sports. In the day and age of bailouts, deficits, failed banks and so forth, it never ceases to amaze me, the amount of education folks like Sally Jenkins and others have, who just don't understand business.

Contrary to what our government may want us to believe, or should I say condition us to, money doesn't just grow on trees. In order to make money, one must sell an adequate number of whatever it is they're selling, in order to make profit and continue that business.

So while she bitches about the lack of coverage or funding that women's sports get in this country, those same women's sports only exist because of the dollars thrown their way by men's sports. For example, the WNBA would have been shut down after a year or two, if it wasn't funded by the NBA, and they were forced to exist on their own.

The only female sports that I will occasionally watch are golf, tennis and volleyball, and that is only if the women participating are actually attractive and not West German swimmers with mustaches. Call it sexist if you want, but I fall into the 25-54 year old male demo, and that's the extent of my women's sports "demand".

Life isn't fair and money makes the world go around, Sally. I'm sorry that your gender isn't as athletically gifted as mine, nor as entertaining to watch, when they apply their limited athleticism. Be grateful for what you have and shut up. People that constantly bitch and want money for nothing, are indicative of a growing attitude in this country that is very disappointing and toxic.

Lastly, not to continue on a sort of political rant, but.....

File this under calls were heavy this week at Mark David Chapman Pest Control Services. (Judge Patrick approved this below the belt, tongue in cheek joke. Sorry to those who were offended.)

Former Beatle Paul McCartney was in town this week, to accept some award we think is rewarded to 60 something, vegan rockers, who have since morphed into grandmother look alike, turkey chinned fuck knots. In case you missed it, President Hope and Change, among others, helped honor Sir Dickbag at a White House function.

Upon accepting the award, the Knighted Beatle and recently fleeced of $150 million from a peg legged woman he was married to for 10 minutes, took the opportunity to take a shot at the former President.

Note to Sir Paul; you're a guest in our country, in the building that our President resides. I know it may not occur to you, as a billionaire from England who could probably give a fuck about a 7 week oil spill in the Gulf, double digit unemployment, two wars that we're leading the way on, among other problems we currently have, but things aren't exactly hunky dorry right now.

Its not cute, nor is it respectful, to take a shot at any political figure from the country in which you are currently a guest in. And I know rock stars like yourself, and a lot of celebrities for that matter, think the general public gives a flying fuck about their political views, but newsflash, donk- we don't, nor will we ever.

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