Sunday, July 25, 2010

According to CBS, Some Fat Guy is Leading The Golf Tournament

I guess everyone at CBS calling the final round of the (I'm sure) lowly rated Canadian Open, are perfectly sculpted, flawless pieces of woman meat. Or maybe they're just not fond of fat guys who are leading PGA Tour events.

Twice on Sunday, two different commentators- within 15 minutes of each other, pulled out their drivers, and took shots at portly Swedish golfer, Carl Pettersson.

First it was one of our favorite guys, David Feherty, who weighed in on the chubby swede, as co-hosts Bill Macatee and Ian Baker-Finch were predicting the final 6 holes between Pettersson, Dean Wilson, and Tim Clark to be "like a sprint to the finish."

Irish quipster Feherty didn't miss a beat, as CBS cameras panned in on Pettersson standing in between shots. "Well, he certainly doesn't look like a guy who could win a sprint."

Just moments later it was Macatee, who again, on cue from a camera shot of Pettersson in between shots, made a comment about how Pettersson didn't look like someone contending for a victory on the PGA Tour, but more like "a guy who was competing at the World Series of Poker."

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