Monday, July 19, 2010

Get Off Tiger's Back

Tiger Woods' biggest mistake has nothing to do with infidelity, or going along with the facade that he and his camp had the world believing up until last Thanksgiving. His biggest mistake has been and continues to be, being so god damn good, and creating an expectation level that is second to none.

Yet twenty-five months after winning the US Open on a broken leg, nine months after the infamous car crash and ensuing train wreck that followed, and one month after (allegedly) cutting his ex-wife a $750 million check, Tiger Woods, according to some, is finished.

Chad Dukes(6,206 twitter followers as of this posting) and Lavar Arrington got into a heated discussion Monday on their afternoon drive show on The argument was about who might've damaged himself more in the eyes of the "sports fan"- Tiger or LeBron "Dwayne's Bitch" James.

Although many callers felt LeBron took the pussy way out, including our own Judge Patrick from Ashburn- who had Tiger basher Lavar spinning his wheels, as Lavar and many of the other callers spoke of Tiger as if he was yesterday's news.

Others to chime in, following the weekend's Open Championship, and get on the "Tiger is finished" soapbox, was SI Senior Golf Writer Alan Shipnuck, who took to twitter and proclaimed: "Its the end of an era...this is a new chapter in golf...his body is breaking down, and so has his putting. His life is a mess.." This was after he posted the following article by Joe Posnanski, which would lead one to believe that Tiger's role in the golf world from here forward, could be driving the tractor at your local driving range.

Whoa,whoa,whoa, folks.....

Lets all take a step back, and instead of everyone going to the knee jerk react card, just take a look at what Tiger has done in the majors, relative to the rest of the field, since he returned from his broken leg.

During the time that encompasses Tiger's earlier than his doctors advised return from the broken leg, and the 24/7 distraction that was Pussygate, Tiger has played in a total of 7 majors. Of the top 10 ranked golfers in the world, Tiger- although he didn't win any of those 7 majors, has the most Top 6 finishes(5)of any of those other players. His "line" since the '09 Masters reads T6,T6,MC,2nd,4th,T4,and 22nd this past weekend. Not bad, right? In light of whats gone on in his world?

And only two other Top 10 players (Mickelson and Westwood) even come close to being that consistent in the majors since Tiger's return- both of whom have 4 Top 6 finishes during those same 7 majors. And while many are talking about the "end of era" and that "Tiger is done", and wanting us to believe that he's on the verge of being lapped by the field, only 1 Top 10 player (Mickelson)won a major ('10 Masters) during that same period.

Call me delusional, or call me the proverbial rooter for the "down and out", but the people who are writing this guy off have got to be stoned out of their minds. If Tiger can play that well under those circumstances, what do you think he'll do when the dust does settle?

And yeah, I'll give some credence to the argument about "nobody can escape father time", but I just don't see how he doesn't win more majors. And enough of them to break Jack's record.

We're talking Tiger Woods, 14 majors in his first 11 years on tour. We're talking about Tiger Woods, the still #1 player in the world. We're talking about Tiger Woods, who up until Thanksgiving of last year, was the overwhelming favorite of the general (sports) public, to boat race Jack's record. We're talking about Tiger Woods- who after returning from a broken leg, then enduring one of the biggest shit storms as it pertains to their personal life by any athlete in the modern era, still had the highest accrued finishes in those majors, of any other golfer on tour, Top 10 or otherwise.

And this guy is done? Are you f**king kidding me?!?

In case you haven't figured it out, I'm on the side of the argument that Tiger is not done, and that he will win again, and that he will eventually have 19 or more majors. The dust is beginning to settle for him, and I think this upcoming offseason will do wonders for him.

You can expect the Scotty Cameron putter to remain in the bag. You can expect Tiger to hire a new swing coach. You can expect Tiger to regain control of his life, on and off the golf course. And you can expect him to start winning again. And soon.

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  1. Like Daly, Tiger needs to go back to his old ways and find his mojo. Daly tried to be the guy everybody wanted him to be and it blew up in his face. When he regained his mojo (drinking, gambling, and playing his banjo, he slowly but surely rose to the top of the golf ranks. Jeter can F twice as many skirts and Ho bags as Tiger, but because Tiger was "married", he's considered a cheating dirt bag. Jeter; he's considered a stallion. Tiger can now F these ho bags without the baggage, and rise back to the top. Tiger, for the sake of the PGA, can you go out and get some. The PGA's ratings are in the toilet, and I heard Vern Lunquist sent Tiger a hooker in Scotland last week.

  2. Dear Mick,
    Your point is well taken, and we made that point back in early March, with regard to both Tiger and Big John. The only guy wanting Tiger to get back to the winning circle quicker than Tiger himself, is Tim Finchem. Thanks for reading. Lucus Baxter, author.


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