Saturday, July 10, 2010

One Sick Puppy

Stephen Strasburg is pretty good.

Another masterful performance, that ironically started off with #37 yielding a 1st inning, 1st batter home run to Andres Torres, culminated in him then retiring 18 of the next 21, and fanning 8- which included Edgar Renteria's "get me the F out of here" at bat in the 3rd, in which Strasburg had Renteria jumping out of the box, and throwing the bat at the ball like a little girl.

We didn't get all caught up in the "should he or shouldn't he" be elected to the All Star Game, but if you take a look at his first 7 starts, there really could be a case made for him to go.

For starters, #37 could easily be 6-1 right now.

His first two starts, he just crushed it, ala Gary Vaynerchuk. 22 strikeouts, and just 6 hits and 3 runs allowed. Actually, what we meant to say, was that in his first four starts, he just crushed it, ala Gary Vaynerchuk.

How about this kid, after winning his first two starts, then got a no decision in his third, and then lost his fourth, even though he struck out another 19 batters, yielded just 2 runs, and amazingly still had his ERA drop, from where it was in his debut against Pittsburgh. (2.57 to 2.19 to 1.86 to 1.78)

Whats that, the woman on South Park says? Wha-wha-what!?!?!?

Even his fifth start in Atlanta, in which he got shelled- NOT, he pitched 6 scoreless innings, struck out 7, but had absolutely no run support, and even less support from Ian Desmond's glove.

He has struck out 61 batters through 7 starts, and other than his start in Cleveland and last night's game, has had no run support. He's already emulating a veteran pitcher, staying in the moment, not getting flustered, and keeping the ship on course. Last night was a perfect example of this, from the way the Giants "hit" him in the 1st, to how #37 more or less flipped the switch, and then made the Giants look like his beeotches the rest of the night.

Yeah, I'd say he's pretty good. Ditto, Mr. Schilling.

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