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Radio Gold: The Junkies Interview Ochocinco

The interview that everybody was talking about Wednesday morning, was the one the Junkies conducted with Chad Ochocinco, on

It started with a request by the Junkies to their listeners, to tweet the Dancing with The Stars wide receiver, asking him to call into their radio show. The subsequent interview, of a very charismatic and likeable Ochocinco, and then the brutal manner in which it "ended", made for a lasting, radio show moment, that won't soon be forgotten.

Even the bumbling, stumbling manner in which it began- which was with junior donk and assistant show producer Matt Valdez initially hanging up on Cinco- was a classic.

Apparently, the Bengal hating/Raven loving Valdez- who has been on an awful run as of late picking baseball games (thanks dude- I just signed my Prius over to my bookie), didn't believe it was Ochocinco at first, when Cinco first called in.

So when the Junkies came out of the break, they were killing Valdez for dropping the ball, and causing them to lose the potentially big interview. But no worries, Junks- which leads to another classic aspect to this story.

Not only did the power of Twitter create a situation in which a Cincinnati Bengal player, who was in Miami preparing for camp, responded to an onslaught of tweets from the listeners of a DC based sports talk show, but he responded twice!

After the Junkies berated the much chagrined Valdez, they asked their listeners to tweet Ochocinco again, asking him to call back. And wouldn't you know, #85 obliged their request.

The interview itself was very good. The Junks sounded like 12 year old school girls, who had stumbled across Justin Bieber's cell phone number, and Ochocinco was his usual open book self.

Among some of the things he said, were that he was "the GM and Owner" of the Bengals, "Cedric Benson will rush for 2,000 yards", and that "anything short of a SuperBowl (for the Bengals) will be disappointing." He also revealed that he had "problems" paying his Direct TV bill last year, but got that squared away with the lady over the phone.

The Junkies definitely weren't short of zingers on their end, either. They included Lurch telling Cinco that "Matt Jones will be on coke by Week 5.", Lurch busting Ochocinco's balls for his lack of production against Jets corner Darrelle Revis, and EB asking Cinco if he was "tagging Cheyl Burke", his Dancing with The Stars partner.

But the "best" zing of all, or should we say worst, was shot from a cannon being aimed by none other than Money Metal Cakes, who all but brought the upbeat interview to a screeching halt.

It happened towards the very end of the interview, after show producer Bret Oliverio(should shoulder some blame) allowed the segment to go longer than usual. The King of Ashburn, and Senior Stockholder of Bonefish Bar and Grille, then asked Cinco who his closest friend in Hollywood was. EB (who should also shoulder some blame for "setting the plate") immediately followed up Lurch's question, with "if you pulled out your phone right now, what's the biggest name on your phone?"

It was at this point that Cakes gave us the ultimate in radio show cringe moments. A "have to turn your head away from the screen" situation. A moment, whose "comfort" level, can only be equated to how one would feel after running into one of your wife's friends at the local grocery store, 3 weeks after she had a baby, and you ask her, "So when is the baby due?"

"Do you still have Chris Henry's number on your phone?", Cakes asked.

Crickets. Felted. Check, please.

To the reader who doesn't know, Mr. Henry was a teammate and friend of Cinco's, who died tragically last year, after falling out of the back of a moving truck.

The shocked, yet still locker room like reaction by the other Junks, coupled with Shock Jock Cakes' follow up comment, "I mean- I would delete it, for the extra room.", left even the appreciators of a good joke here at The Sportsyack, running for the hills.

All and all, Ochocinco handled it pretty well. There was a noticeable silence of sorts from him, as the Junkies continued with asking him questions about women he may have bedded. But as far as the rest of the interview went, it was over, Johnny.

On a serious note, this listener felt bad for both parties involved. Our boy Cakes, definitely meant no ill will, and most certainly got caught up in the moment of what essentially was a group of gregariousness- talking ball, talking girls, just shootin' the shit. And it wasn't nearly as insensitive as some of Cakes previous show zingers during celebrity interviews. ( He once asked Dale Earnhardt Jr. if he deleted the wall in Turn 4 at Daytona, from his "friends" list on his Facebook page, and another time Cakes challenged former MLB pitcher Jim Abbott to a juggling contest.)


As far as Ochocinco was concerned, who really came across as a good guy- I'm sure he just brushed it off, and moved on. In fact just moments later, he was posting goofy pics of himself on twitter, as he drove to practice. And lets face it, the dude puts himself out there, between reality TV shows, twitter, and any mic he can get himself in front of, and if he has to weather the occasional zing from sports talk radio guy, then so be it.

One thing that is for sure, is that the Junkies and Chad Ochocinco will be forever linked to what was a very compelling and entertaining interview, that ended up being nothing short of radio gold.

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