Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Looking Into The NFL's Future(s): Lock 1 of 2

How freaking awesome is it that September is here?!? How cool is it that college football kicks off tonight, Va Tech/Boise State play next Monday night, and the Vikings/Saints rematch is a week away? Who wants to shotgun a beer with me, throw on some Beastie Boys, and then ram our heads through some dry wall?!? Let's go win some money!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denver Broncos (Over 7.5 wins)
Here at The Yack, we like to come strong to the boards. So it goes without saying, since Denver is our sleeper NFL division winner this year, that we love the over against Vegas' win total for them.

For starters, we love their head coach. Josh McDaniels started out strong last year (6-0), before coming back down to earth and finishing 8-8. They were in a position to make a playoff run with 4 to go, but lost a couple close games down the stretch (to Oakland and Philly), and "ran the table" in the wrong direction, to have an 'O-fer' December.

But that's ok. McDaniels is a Belichick understudy, has a solid first year under his belt, and has a good group of players to work with.

Kyle Orton threw for over 3,800 yards last year, with 21 touchdowns against only 12 picks. And he's having a very good pre-season. Knowshon Moreno ran for almost 1,000 yards last year, even while battling injury most of the early part of last season. Also, the Broncos brought in Lendale White to compliment both Moreno and Correll Buckhalter in the backfield. The Broncos defense (31st last year) is the big question mark, but we believe they have nowhere to go but up.

But here's the deal on this mortal lock wager. Short of San Diego, Denver plays in an awful division, and they have one of the weakest schedules on the docket. Oakland and the Chiefs are pathetic, and at worse, Denver will go 3-1 against those teams. They will also at least split against San Diego. So inter division, we have the Broncos going 4-2, worse case scenario. Their schedule as a whole, is ranked 25th on Strength of Schedule- or in other words, 8th weakest out of 32 teams.

We think Denver has a chance (coupled with Charger fall off) to win their division. With that said, they will destroy Over 7.5 wins.

We will post our second of two 'futures' locks by this Friday. Stay tuned!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Anyone that reads this blog knows that we're huge golf fans. We watch the PGA Tour, even when Tiger and Phil aren't playing. We sometimes watch the European Tour. We play golf ourselves. We like to bet on golf we watch, and bet on golf we play. We like to drink beer on the golf course, and then relieve ourselves behind the nearest tree. Golf is pretty cool, most of the time. Wednesday morning, golf was retarded.

Jim Furyk, who is #3 on the PGA Tour money list, was disqualified from this week's Barclay's tournament, which is the start of the PGA Tour's playoffs, because he missed his tee time in the event's Pro-Am.

Now to be fair, I will present the Tour's side of this argument.

A Pro-Am involves a touring pro playing in a group of amateurs, who are usually big shot CEOs/Executives of companies who are sponsors of the Tour, and whose contributions help fund the Tour and its players. Sponsors are a very important part of keeping the Tour afloat.

Having said that, for the Tour to DQ the guy who is #3 on their money list, for committing this type of infraction, prior to the start of their playoff system, is about the dumbest thing we've ever heard.

The stupidity doesn't stop there.

This Fed Ex Cup (playoffs), that the Tour really does try to jam down the throats of the fans and sponsors, and that the players really don't care about(other than the money, of course) since it doesn't involve winning a major (as in, how many Fed Ex Cups does Jack Nicklaus have?), has some other quirks that we think are stupid.

For example, how can you have a playoff system, in which three of the four major winners don't even qualify for? How can last week's winner- Arjun Atwal, who was a Monday qualifier, which in layman's terms means he did something no other touring pro (by winning) had done in 24 years, not be qualified for the playoffs?

I mean, that would be like if Nascar's winner of both the Daytona 500 http://www.sportsyackontap.com/2010/02/superbowl-this-nascar.html and the Brickyard 500 at Indy (Jamie McMurray), somehow wasn't qualified for the other dumb playoff system in sports, Nascar's points race.

Oh, uh...nevermind that analogy.

It's stupid, period. And the timing couldn't be worse, just two weeks removed from when most casual(and die hard) fans were left scratching their heads about that "bunker" Dustin Johnson hit his ball into, which also just so happened to be a dirt patch that spectators walked thru and stood in all week.

The Yack's advice to the Tour on this matter, would be to implement a monetary fine to a player that commits the offense Furyk did. That way there is some compensation to the sponsors who were "stood up", and then the fans and your awesome playoffs don't get penalized.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Did DeAngelo Use Captain Chaos to Issue Steinberg an Ultimatum?

Late Friday afternoon, Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog posted a story on his sports bog, http://voices.washingtonpost.com/dcsportsbog/2010/08/hall_says_shanahan-haynesworth.html which was basically a transcript of an interview Redskin cornerback DeAngelo Hall conducted with ESPN 980's The Sports Fix.

Within the interview, Hall said Albert Haynesworth could've been more productive last year (true), and he seemed to question the conditioning tests Coach Shanahan administered to AH.

"I'm not going to be sweating too hard about passing that test,"
Hall said. (if the punishment meant no practice during two a days)

You would think that DeAngelo, or as the Virginia Tech coaches used to refer to him as, "MeAngelo"- would be the last guy questioning Mike Shanahan or Albert Haynesworth, for that matter. This is the same DeAngelo, who was on the receiving end of this play, right?

Almost immediately after Steinberg posted his article to Twitter, in which Steinberg referred to Hall as 'DHall', Cooley took to twitter and asked Steinberg if he could refer to DeAngleo as @dhall23, which is Hall's Twitter 'handle'.

Steinberg than replied in a manner which seemed to be a combination of a little tongue and cheek, and a little "is he being serious?", with "that depends. Is this Chris or Tanner asking?"

Tanner- for those of you who don't know, is Chris's shadow who also happens to be his brother. We think he helps run Chris's website, and possibly does his laundry as well. He's like the Stephen Baldwin of the NFL world.

Chris then replied, in a manner that didn't seem too jokingly to us. "It's Chris and I'm not asking. No more interviews until you do it."

The phrase "I'm not asking" is usually followed by, and equates to "I'm telling". So what gives with the attitude from 47? Or was he speaking for DeAngelo?

Further review of another media member's Twitter account- 980's Chris Russell, shows that DeAngelo and Cooley may have been together at the time the ultimatum was issued to Steinberg. At 2:49 pm, just about 10 minutes before the "do it or else" exchange took place, Russell tweeted that DeAngelo and Cooley "stopped by", presumably together.

So was Cooley relaying a message from DeAngelo to Steinberg? The tone definitely was reflective of a guy who might already have been regretting calling out a teammate and a coach in the same interview. If it wasn't DeAngelo, as flamboyant as Cooley has been over the past couple years, we have a hard time believing he'd (Cooley) want to come across as pompous as he did when he tweeted that.

Whomever it might have been, if it wasn't a joke, we think they should be less worried about concerning and then telling one of the best writers in the town over Twitter, how to report or post his stories. I mean, come on guys. You're coming off a 4-12 season. Why don't you leave the Twitter policing to guys like The Sportsyack, and then that way, your complete focus can be on prepping for your Sept. 12th date with Dallas.


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Monday, August 16, 2010

Did Dustin Johnson Break Two Rules On Sunday?

We're not going to re-hash whose at fault (everybody-the PGA, DJ, and DJ's caddy) for the debacle that was Dustin Johnson's 72nd hole on Sunday, but one thing did occur during that same pre-shot routine, that we feel may have been another rule violation by Johnson.

Prior to his second shot on 18, in which he did ground his club in what was a bunker(hazard), Dustin Johnson backed off of his ball. He then pointed to the ground where his ball was clearly being hit with a ray of sunlight, and instructed the fan(s) in the gallery to "just block it"- assuming he was meaning to 'block the sunlight from hitting my ball'.

After discussing it amongst our nerd golf selves, we shot some messages via Twitter, to some of the guys in the know relative to the golf world. Only one relevant golf media person replied, and he stated that he didn't think he had violated a rule, but that he wasn't positive.

We also called/e-mailed some of the local pros that we know in the Northern Virginia area, and of the three we got answers from, one said he did not think Johnson violated a rule regarding a fan blocking the sun, one said he may have, the third wasn't quite sure of any of it.

So we looked up the rule ourselves, and here is what we found.

In the USGA rules, under rule "14-2 Assistance", it states that a player must not accept physical assistance or protection from the elements.

It goes on to state under the Decisions category of the rule that a player cannot position a golf bag for the purpose of shading the ball, nor the use of a caddy, or any other person. The wording, though ambiguous, goes on to state:

While a player may not place an object or position a person for the purpose of blocking the sunlight from his ball, he may ask a person (e.g., a spectator) who is already in position not to move, so that a shadow remains over the ball, or to move, so that his shadow is not over the ball.

It is our feeling that Dustin Johnson's intention, with regard to having the spectator "block" the sunlight, most likely was so that everything was in "uniform", so to speak. Meaning, rather than have the entire gallery move- so that he was under the full cast of the sunlight (rather than just that one little beam), he figured it was just as easy to have the one or two spectators shadow it.

However, it would be nice to hear someone discuss the possible infraction, since it too is listed as a rule in golf's sometimes weird rule book.

(Before we go 'update' on you, please watch a chilling reminder-we still get chills, of how freaking awesome Tiger used to be. Noteworthy is the 1:07 mark, or what we like to call 'why Lanny Wadkins is no longer calling golf shots'. Also, how cool is Verne Lundquist's voice? Judge Patrick says he'd let Lundquist sit in the bedroom and do play by play, while the Judge was crushing some cougar he just picked up from the Ashburn Clydes)

Not to go "Update" on you, as Robert Stack used to do on one of the shows we used to watch growing up, that quite frankly sometimes gave us nightmares (Unsolved Mysteries), but some more information has been gathered, since we started writing this post on Monday:

A golf pro buddy of the Sportsyack- who is the best teaching pro we've ever taken lessons from, returned our call and told us this 'blocking the sun' rule is definitely a rule, but most likely would not have been able to be enforced, due to Johnson's proximity to the gallery on the shot, and the provisions that go with hitting shots in or around the gallery.

Secondly, the Junkies on 1067 The Fan in DC, had another stellar interview with John Feinstein, and when asked about it, Feinstein too indicated that the rule would've been hard to enforce under that circumstance. He did, however, bring up a time at Augusta when vegetarian Phil was questioned for why he told Bones not to move Phil's golf bag from the tee, which was positioned next to where Phil was hitting his tee shot. Phil's explanation, according to Feinstein, was that he didn't want him to move it, because he was ready to hit his shot.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Value Betting the 2010 PGA Championship

Brendon deJonge is going to win the 2010 PGA Championship.

In a year in which the majors have produced two consecutive winners, whose first ever PGA Tour wins were majors- Graham McDowell (US Open at Pebble Beach) and Louis O. (Open Championship at St Andrews), we'd like to make a case for the Hokie who could complete the trifecta.

For starters, his odds are appealing. (125/1) for a guy who has more Top 3 finishes than Tiger Woods this year, and just as many as the likes of Mickelson, Furyk, Els, and McIlroy. Secondly, he has tripled his earnings from what he made in 2009 ($536,000 ) to what he has made this year ($1.82 million), currently 26th on the PGA Tour money list.

The big guy from Zimbabwe has made 9 consecutive cuts entering the year's final major and he's 5th on Tour in the All Around ranking (combination of Top 8 accuracy/scoring stats). Also, the year's final major has a history of producing first time and/or no name winners over the years (Beem, Micheel, Yang).

Getting this Hokie at 125/1 is great value; almost as good as the (+2.5) his alma mater's football team (lock) is getting September 6th, against "Smurf Nation" at FedEx Field.

K.J. Choi (80/1)

How does 46th, Cut, Cut, 47th, and 52nd sound for this guy's last 5 events played? F**king awesome, if you're a Nats fan needing over 70.5 wins, when they're stuck on 49 curly dubyas, and they're currently down 9-4 in the 7th to the Marlins. #FML

Honestly, one of our favorite guys (Choi), finished just 2 shots out of a playoff, the last time a major was played at this golf course. Yeah, our asses are chapped on the Nats right now, but this is not a classic case of chasing money. We really do like the price.

Adam Scott (50/1)

His career resume includes wins at both the Players' Championship and the Tour Championship, and his swing has been compared to Tiger's (Scott did work with Butch Harmon), but he has won no majors. He did win this year in Texas, but has done little else, otherwise.

So why do we pick him? The same reason we're taking a flyer on Choi: horses for courses.

Scott had a good showing at the '04 PGA played at Whistling Straights, finishing just 3 shots out of the playoff. Couple that stat with (possibly, just possibly) catching Scott on a bender, in terms of him "grooving it". Although his T-9 last week at Bridgestone might not seem that significant, the dude did 'bookend' his Friday and Saturday rounds, with a 66 on Thursday and a 67 on Sunday. If he can find 4 days of consistent scoring instead of 2, getting this Aussie at this price is like stealing.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nats Prop Bets: Should The Yack Be Concerned?

With 50 games to go in the MLB regular season, The Sportsyack is starting to get a little concerned about the two pre-season "futures" wagers we made, on our beloved Washington Nationals.

The first wager was made with "The Legend"- a friend of the Sportsyack family, who some 15 years ago, moved out of the DC Metro, and retired to his safe house on the outskirts of the Vegas Strip. This fella, with whom we also have a PGA Championship wager (he has all foreign golfers, us Patriots have all American golfers), took the Nationals under win total against our Nationals over win total. The Nationals sit on 49 wins with 50 games to go, against an over/under that was bet at 70.5 games, meaning our "magic number" is 22.

Of their 50 games left, 33 of them are against NL East teams. Unbelievably- the last place Nats have the highest win percentage(.513) of any team in their division, when it comes to interdivision play. Lets hope that trend continues.

Our second wager was made with "Owner Joe"- another one of our buddies, who is a lifelong Orioles fan. He gave us the Nationals +2 wins, against the Orioles win total. To be honest, we had practically spent this money already, until Captain Showalter came to town.

Since Uncle Buck took over the helm in Charm City, the Orioles have won 6 of 7, and are now only 11 games behind the Nats, 13 behind when you factor in our 'win spread'. It would take a disastrous finish by the Nationals (like 11-39), combined with the Orioles continuing to play their balls off for their new skipper, for us to even have a chance to lose this one.

But as the old saying goes, as it pertains to degenerate sports gambling, "I've seen stranger things happen."

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Giving Us Douche Chills: The '86 Redskins Fan Appreciation Video

With the 2010 NFL Regular Season quickly approaching, as the Redskins open pre-season this Friday, we've embedded what might be the worst PR video EVER released by ANY professional sports team. Its so bad, that its freaking awesome! The Sportsyack even time stamped some of the highlights for your viewing pleasure. We recommend you watch it in its entirety first, and then re-watch it-following along with the time stamp notes. Its family fun, for everyone! Go Skins!

:09 Start music. Insert actress who looks like she was in every '80s movie ever made, usually playing the high school chick who gets pregnant, and then has to contemplate having an abortion.
:22 Whats that up there in them nostrils?
:29 Old school Redskin hat sighting, currently being sold on e-bay for $49.
:30 Celebrity politician sighting- Michael Steele.
:31 No need to hit the concourse to smoke, just fire one up at your seat!
:36 Every brand of shoe we wore between the 5th and 8th grades.
:47 Ok, dude. That belt buckle is pretty damn big.
1:06 Reagan Press Secretary James Brady.
1:18 Gary Clark- bringing it!!!
1:23 1067 The Fan Redskin reporter Grant Paulsen, when he was a todler.
1:26 Uh-Oh. The real bad dancing starts.
1:32 White dude behind guy in Redskin hard helmet looks familiar. Like local media familiar.
1:54 New HOF'er Russ Grimm-bottom right of screen, very disinterested, yet still singing along.
2:02 Mel Kaufman and some dude named Shawn Burkes.
2:06 Darrell Green and Keith Griffin....simply awful.
2:10 Certified Tough Guys, Raleigh McKenzie and Dan McQuaid??
2:32 Monte Coleman, not insinc with the music.
2:57 If only Joey T had known, that come 2010, $70,000 is Fat Albert's tab at the local strip club for a night.
3:04 Terminator Bostic.
3:39 Is that Darrell Green or the parcel pickup boy at my local Safeway?
3:41 Willard Scott.
3:48 Mike Wallace.
4:09 Its Run DMC Grant.
4:37 Roscoe P. Coltrane to the rescue.
4:44 Is that failed President Ford assassin and Manson Family member, Squeeky Fromme?
4:48 Tip O'Neill.
5:02 Jay Schroeder's comb over.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Drugs, Cheating, Laziness: The Recipe for $ucce$$

What in god's name was Nancy Reagan thinking with that stupid "Just Say No" campaign? And to all the "squares" out there preaching about the moral pitfalls of cheating- spare me. Finally, what's this horseshit about 'hard work' paying off? Hahahahaha....

The bank accounts of today's athletes who have allowed the "straight and narrow" pieces of advice to fall on deaf ears, prove that they know best.

A-Rod, who hit his 600th home run yesterday, has $252 million in the bank and has played ring toss with roast beef sandwiches like Kate Hudson, Madonna, and Elliot Spitzer's sloppy seconds- all in the name of his acknowledged PED use.

Here in D.C., Mike Shanahan's whipping boy- Albert Haynesworth, proves that off season work outs that include banging strippers and evading debt collectors, is all one needs to cha-ching $41 million in guaranteed money.

The :45 mark- "I even developed a couple abs." The 1:00 mark- "I'm not a guy that just loves to go workout."

The point is, all these dumb ass parents out there, who are enrolling their kids in baseball and football training camps, need to get with the program! Its hookers and blow, and that's all you need to know!

Seriously though, guys like A-Rod could give a shit if he's not in the HOF in 15 years, or if Mike Lupica and Bob Costas think he's an asterisk to the game. The guy has millions of dollars in the bank, certainly enough to pay off the ex-wife and kids ten times over (see Tiger Woods), and can still come and go as he pleases, as jock sniffers and skirts watch his every move.

And Fat Albert? You think that dude cares about his obligations to the Redskins organization? Do you think he gives a shit about the fans, his teammates, or September 12, 2010? He doesn't, purists. He's got $41 million in the bank.

One has to wonder what does go on in the minds of kids today. Over the past ten years or so, parents have probably had a hard time trying to explain the economics of sports, as they pertain to athletes not always doing the right thing, but then still being rewarded with the jack.

Whether its that happy Clemens' couple shooting each other up in their bedroom, or having to explain who that 'little boy' was in Barry Bonds' uniform circa 1987, or keeping track of the names of the women falling out of Tiger's Wood-work, the stories that accompany some athletes' march up the corporate ladder, are PG-13 at best.

So in a reflection of whats right and wrong with sports- in light of A-Rod's 600th yesterday and the on going Albert Haynesworth saga out at Redskin Park, I'm left with one lasting question, about a guy who seemed like such a dick just a month and a half ago.

Can LeBron James really be that bad of a guy? Probably not.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

The Sportsyack Weekend in Review

Mayflower Moving Truck Syndrome Continues to Spread

Less than a month after some sports radio/blogger guy from Baltimore took to pen to vent about his displeasure with John Riggins filming a commercial in Ravens Stadium, we’ve located some more ‘whiners’ in Charm City.

Saturday, on MASN’s “Wall to Wall Baseball” hosted by Tom Davis, Phil Wood and Dave Johnson, the conversation- or should we say therapy session between this trifecta of misery, included something called The Tito Landrum Curse, some minor digs at Stephen Strasburg for his scratch for shoulder stiffness, and Phil Wood bitching about the Baltimore Sun.

Mr. Wood- huh, huh…huh, huh- apparently didn’t like the fact that The Sun’s sports page, “some two weeks ago”, featured a picture of a fan wearing a Washington Nationals hat. The word Mr. Wood used to describe the photo was “unacceptable”.

I think the sooner guys like Mr. Wood, Tom Davis, and Glenn Clark realize that they reside in an inferior town, as it pertains to sports relative to Washington, the quicker MASN can remove “The Dr. Melfi Hour for Baltimore Sports Fans” from their TV schedule.

"Earth to Jesse, Earth to Jesse, Come in."

I cannot believe the manner in which Nationals ownership and GM Mike Rizzo handled the potential trade of popular slugging first baseman Adam Dunn. It was nothing short of a “slave owner’s mentality”.

To put Dunn thru the hell they put him thru over the last few weeks, and in the manner in which he was shopped around, was completely uncalled for! GM Rizzo even boasted to Washington Post Nats’ beat writer Adam Kilgore that, “We were engaged right up to the last minutes with some teams….”

Ultimately Dunn was retained, and he will be signing a contract extension, that will pay him something in the neighborhood of $15 million/ per year. But you still have to feel for the poor guy. You know- the pressures of playing the sport you love, for millions and millions of dollars, and everybody wanting to know where you'll end up playing. Dunn needs to look no further than the pathetic manner in which an owner, the fans, and the media treated LeBron James.

That being said, and with all things being equal in sports, shouldn't we be hearing from the Reverend Jackson any minute now?

If a Tree Falls in a Forest,and No One is Around to Hear It, Does It Make a Sound?

In case you missed it, and you may have, since apparently ESPN only took 3 cameras to the Pocono NASCAR race this weekend, Elliot Sadler was involved in an accident that absolutely pummeled his car, to the point where the engine was separated from the vehicle.

We’re sure ESPN brass are kicking themselves for not having a quality shot of Sadler’s head on collision into a guardrail on lap 165, as it most surely would’ve been a huge hit (no pun intended) on Sportscenter and ESPN.com. I'm sure the traffic/viewers to ESPN were still good, but regardless of their numbers, the camera angle of the extremely violent wreck was amateurish at best.

Here at The Yack, we can understand ESPN going a little light this weekend, in light of the production dollars they just spent on “The Decision”. God only knows what we would've done, had we not had that camera angle of LeBron, as he reacted and answered Mr. Creepy’s questions.

So for your Monday viewing pleasures, The Yack dug up another Elliot Sadler highlight, as it pertains to almost f**king killing yourself in a race car, from a 2003 race at Talladega. And in all seriousness, it’s amazing these guys can walk away from some of these debacles.

These Guys Are Good

Props to Stuart Appleby for becoming just the 5th golfer to shoot a 59 in a PGA Tour event, and just the 2nd to do so, and then go on to win the tournament in which he did it. Appleby’s final round 59 propelled him to a 1 shot victory over the very sloppy, and in need of a belt, Jeff Overton.

Three players have gone even lower, outside of a sanctioned PGA Tour event. Shigeki Maruyama shot a 58 at Woodmont CC in Rockville, MD, during 2000 US Open Qualifying, current PGA pro Jason Bohn (pronounced "bone"-snicker,snicker) shot 58 in a Canadian mini tour event in 2001, and more recently, Ryo Ishikawa shot 58 back in May of this year, in a Japanese Tour event.

The feel good story of the weekend kind of got lost in the shuffle, as first round leader, and multiple heart transplant recipient Erik Compton, shot a final round 77, and ended up finishing T-73.

Regardless of his disastrous final round, Erik Compton- who participates in a sports world with the likes of guys like Albert Haynesworth, should be an example to all, with regard to perseverance, and how one should go about preparing for competition at the professional level. The Sportsyack gives an "atta boy" to Mr. Compton.

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