Saturday, August 21, 2010

Did DeAngelo Use Captain Chaos to Issue Steinberg an Ultimatum?

Late Friday afternoon, Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog posted a story on his sports bog, which was basically a transcript of an interview Redskin cornerback DeAngelo Hall conducted with ESPN 980's The Sports Fix.

Within the interview, Hall said Albert Haynesworth could've been more productive last year (true), and he seemed to question the conditioning tests Coach Shanahan administered to AH.

"I'm not going to be sweating too hard about passing that test,"
Hall said. (if the punishment meant no practice during two a days)

You would think that DeAngelo, or as the Virginia Tech coaches used to refer to him as, "MeAngelo"- would be the last guy questioning Mike Shanahan or Albert Haynesworth, for that matter. This is the same DeAngelo, who was on the receiving end of this play, right?

Almost immediately after Steinberg posted his article to Twitter, in which Steinberg referred to Hall as 'DHall', Cooley took to twitter and asked Steinberg if he could refer to DeAngleo as @dhall23, which is Hall's Twitter 'handle'.

Steinberg than replied in a manner which seemed to be a combination of a little tongue and cheek, and a little "is he being serious?", with "that depends. Is this Chris or Tanner asking?"

Tanner- for those of you who don't know, is Chris's shadow who also happens to be his brother. We think he helps run Chris's website, and possibly does his laundry as well. He's like the Stephen Baldwin of the NFL world.

Chris then replied, in a manner that didn't seem too jokingly to us. "It's Chris and I'm not asking. No more interviews until you do it."

The phrase "I'm not asking" is usually followed by, and equates to "I'm telling". So what gives with the attitude from 47? Or was he speaking for DeAngelo?

Further review of another media member's Twitter account- 980's Chris Russell, shows that DeAngelo and Cooley may have been together at the time the ultimatum was issued to Steinberg. At 2:49 pm, just about 10 minutes before the "do it or else" exchange took place, Russell tweeted that DeAngelo and Cooley "stopped by", presumably together.

So was Cooley relaying a message from DeAngelo to Steinberg? The tone definitely was reflective of a guy who might already have been regretting calling out a teammate and a coach in the same interview. If it wasn't DeAngelo, as flamboyant as Cooley has been over the past couple years, we have a hard time believing he'd (Cooley) want to come across as pompous as he did when he tweeted that.

Whomever it might have been, if it wasn't a joke, we think they should be less worried about concerning and then telling one of the best writers in the town over Twitter, how to report or post his stories. I mean, come on guys. You're coming off a 4-12 season. Why don't you leave the Twitter policing to guys like The Sportsyack, and then that way, your complete focus can be on prepping for your Sept. 12th date with Dallas.


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