Thursday, August 26, 2010


Anyone that reads this blog knows that we're huge golf fans. We watch the PGA Tour, even when Tiger and Phil aren't playing. We sometimes watch the European Tour. We play golf ourselves. We like to bet on golf we watch, and bet on golf we play. We like to drink beer on the golf course, and then relieve ourselves behind the nearest tree. Golf is pretty cool, most of the time. Wednesday morning, golf was retarded.

Jim Furyk, who is #3 on the PGA Tour money list, was disqualified from this week's Barclay's tournament, which is the start of the PGA Tour's playoffs, because he missed his tee time in the event's Pro-Am.

Now to be fair, I will present the Tour's side of this argument.

A Pro-Am involves a touring pro playing in a group of amateurs, who are usually big shot CEOs/Executives of companies who are sponsors of the Tour, and whose contributions help fund the Tour and its players. Sponsors are a very important part of keeping the Tour afloat.

Having said that, for the Tour to DQ the guy who is #3 on their money list, for committing this type of infraction, prior to the start of their playoff system, is about the dumbest thing we've ever heard.

The stupidity doesn't stop there.

This Fed Ex Cup (playoffs), that the Tour really does try to jam down the throats of the fans and sponsors, and that the players really don't care about(other than the money, of course) since it doesn't involve winning a major (as in, how many Fed Ex Cups does Jack Nicklaus have?), has some other quirks that we think are stupid.

For example, how can you have a playoff system, in which three of the four major winners don't even qualify for? How can last week's winner- Arjun Atwal, who was a Monday qualifier, which in layman's terms means he did something no other touring pro (by winning) had done in 24 years, not be qualified for the playoffs?

I mean, that would be like if Nascar's winner of both the Daytona 500 and the Brickyard 500 at Indy (Jamie McMurray), somehow wasn't qualified for the other dumb playoff system in sports, Nascar's points race.

Oh, uh...nevermind that analogy.

It's stupid, period. And the timing couldn't be worse, just two weeks removed from when most casual(and die hard) fans were left scratching their heads about that "bunker" Dustin Johnson hit his ball into, which also just so happened to be a dirt patch that spectators walked thru and stood in all week.

The Yack's advice to the Tour on this matter, would be to implement a monetary fine to a player that commits the offense Furyk did. That way there is some compensation to the sponsors who were "stood up", and then the fans and your awesome playoffs don't get penalized.

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  1. Very good, yet seemingly obvious (to non-PGA admins) points. I was astonished that missing a pro-am would affect the real tournament.

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