Monday, August 9, 2010

Giving Us Douche Chills: The '86 Redskins Fan Appreciation Video

With the 2010 NFL Regular Season quickly approaching, as the Redskins open pre-season this Friday, we've embedded what might be the worst PR video EVER released by ANY professional sports team. Its so bad, that its freaking awesome! The Sportsyack even time stamped some of the highlights for your viewing pleasure. We recommend you watch it in its entirety first, and then re-watch it-following along with the time stamp notes. Its family fun, for everyone! Go Skins!

:09 Start music. Insert actress who looks like she was in every '80s movie ever made, usually playing the high school chick who gets pregnant, and then has to contemplate having an abortion.
:22 Whats that up there in them nostrils?
:29 Old school Redskin hat sighting, currently being sold on e-bay for $49.
:30 Celebrity politician sighting- Michael Steele.
:31 No need to hit the concourse to smoke, just fire one up at your seat!
:36 Every brand of shoe we wore between the 5th and 8th grades.
:47 Ok, dude. That belt buckle is pretty damn big.
1:06 Reagan Press Secretary James Brady.
1:18 Gary Clark- bringing it!!!
1:23 1067 The Fan Redskin reporter Grant Paulsen, when he was a todler.
1:26 Uh-Oh. The real bad dancing starts.
1:32 White dude behind guy in Redskin hard helmet looks familiar. Like local media familiar.
1:54 New HOF'er Russ Grimm-bottom right of screen, very disinterested, yet still singing along.
2:02 Mel Kaufman and some dude named Shawn Burkes.
2:06 Darrell Green and Keith Griffin....simply awful.
2:10 Certified Tough Guys, Raleigh McKenzie and Dan McQuaid??
2:32 Monte Coleman, not insinc with the music.
2:57 If only Joey T had known, that come 2010, $70,000 is Fat Albert's tab at the local strip club for a night.
3:04 Terminator Bostic.
3:39 Is that Darrell Green or the parcel pickup boy at my local Safeway?
3:41 Willard Scott.
3:48 Mike Wallace.
4:09 Its Run DMC Grant.
4:37 Roscoe P. Coltrane to the rescue.
4:44 Is that failed President Ford assassin and Manson Family member, Squeeky Fromme?
4:48 Tip O'Neill.
5:02 Jay Schroeder's comb over.

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