Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nats Prop Bets: Should The Yack Be Concerned?

With 50 games to go in the MLB regular season, The Sportsyack is starting to get a little concerned about the two pre-season "futures" wagers we made, on our beloved Washington Nationals.

The first wager was made with "The Legend"- a friend of the Sportsyack family, who some 15 years ago, moved out of the DC Metro, and retired to his safe house on the outskirts of the Vegas Strip. This fella, with whom we also have a PGA Championship wager (he has all foreign golfers, us Patriots have all American golfers), took the Nationals under win total against our Nationals over win total. The Nationals sit on 49 wins with 50 games to go, against an over/under that was bet at 70.5 games, meaning our "magic number" is 22.

Of their 50 games left, 33 of them are against NL East teams. Unbelievably- the last place Nats have the highest win percentage(.513) of any team in their division, when it comes to interdivision play. Lets hope that trend continues.

Our second wager was made with "Owner Joe"- another one of our buddies, who is a lifelong Orioles fan. He gave us the Nationals +2 wins, against the Orioles win total. To be honest, we had practically spent this money already, until Captain Showalter came to town.

Since Uncle Buck took over the helm in Charm City, the Orioles have won 6 of 7, and are now only 11 games behind the Nats, 13 behind when you factor in our 'win spread'. It would take a disastrous finish by the Nationals (like 11-39), combined with the Orioles continuing to play their balls off for their new skipper, for us to even have a chance to lose this one.

But as the old saying goes, as it pertains to degenerate sports gambling, "I've seen stranger things happen."

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