Monday, August 2, 2010

The Sportsyack Weekend in Review

Mayflower Moving Truck Syndrome Continues to Spread

Less than a month after some sports radio/blogger guy from Baltimore took to pen to vent about his displeasure with John Riggins filming a commercial in Ravens Stadium, we’ve located some more ‘whiners’ in Charm City.

Saturday, on MASN’s “Wall to Wall Baseball” hosted by Tom Davis, Phil Wood and Dave Johnson, the conversation- or should we say therapy session between this trifecta of misery, included something called The Tito Landrum Curse, some minor digs at Stephen Strasburg for his scratch for shoulder stiffness, and Phil Wood bitching about the Baltimore Sun.

Mr. Wood- huh, huh…huh, huh- apparently didn’t like the fact that The Sun’s sports page, “some two weeks ago”, featured a picture of a fan wearing a Washington Nationals hat. The word Mr. Wood used to describe the photo was “unacceptable”.

I think the sooner guys like Mr. Wood, Tom Davis, and Glenn Clark realize that they reside in an inferior town, as it pertains to sports relative to Washington, the quicker MASN can remove “The Dr. Melfi Hour for Baltimore Sports Fans” from their TV schedule.

"Earth to Jesse, Earth to Jesse, Come in."

I cannot believe the manner in which Nationals ownership and GM Mike Rizzo handled the potential trade of popular slugging first baseman Adam Dunn. It was nothing short of a “slave owner’s mentality”.

To put Dunn thru the hell they put him thru over the last few weeks, and in the manner in which he was shopped around, was completely uncalled for! GM Rizzo even boasted to Washington Post Nats’ beat writer Adam Kilgore that, “We were engaged right up to the last minutes with some teams….”

Ultimately Dunn was retained, and he will be signing a contract extension, that will pay him something in the neighborhood of $15 million/ per year. But you still have to feel for the poor guy. You know- the pressures of playing the sport you love, for millions and millions of dollars, and everybody wanting to know where you'll end up playing. Dunn needs to look no further than the pathetic manner in which an owner, the fans, and the media treated LeBron James.

That being said, and with all things being equal in sports, shouldn't we be hearing from the Reverend Jackson any minute now?

If a Tree Falls in a Forest,and No One is Around to Hear It, Does It Make a Sound?

In case you missed it, and you may have, since apparently ESPN only took 3 cameras to the Pocono NASCAR race this weekend, Elliot Sadler was involved in an accident that absolutely pummeled his car, to the point where the engine was separated from the vehicle.

We’re sure ESPN brass are kicking themselves for not having a quality shot of Sadler’s head on collision into a guardrail on lap 165, as it most surely would’ve been a huge hit (no pun intended) on Sportscenter and I'm sure the traffic/viewers to ESPN were still good, but regardless of their numbers, the camera angle of the extremely violent wreck was amateurish at best.

Here at The Yack, we can understand ESPN going a little light this weekend, in light of the production dollars they just spent on “The Decision”. God only knows what we would've done, had we not had that camera angle of LeBron, as he reacted and answered Mr. Creepy’s questions.

So for your Monday viewing pleasures, The Yack dug up another Elliot Sadler highlight, as it pertains to almost f**king killing yourself in a race car, from a 2003 race at Talladega. And in all seriousness, it’s amazing these guys can walk away from some of these debacles.

These Guys Are Good

Props to Stuart Appleby for becoming just the 5th golfer to shoot a 59 in a PGA Tour event, and just the 2nd to do so, and then go on to win the tournament in which he did it. Appleby’s final round 59 propelled him to a 1 shot victory over the very sloppy, and in need of a belt, Jeff Overton.

Three players have gone even lower, outside of a sanctioned PGA Tour event. Shigeki Maruyama shot a 58 at Woodmont CC in Rockville, MD, during 2000 US Open Qualifying, current PGA pro Jason Bohn (pronounced "bone"-snicker,snicker) shot 58 in a Canadian mini tour event in 2001, and more recently, Ryo Ishikawa shot 58 back in May of this year, in a Japanese Tour event.

The feel good story of the weekend kind of got lost in the shuffle, as first round leader, and multiple heart transplant recipient Erik Compton, shot a final round 77, and ended up finishing T-73.

Regardless of his disastrous final round, Erik Compton- who participates in a sports world with the likes of guys like Albert Haynesworth, should be an example to all, with regard to perseverance, and how one should go about preparing for competition at the professional level. The Sportsyack gives an "atta boy" to Mr. Compton.

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