Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just Shoot Us: Nats Wagers Update

With 16 games to go in the regular MLB season, The Sportsyack is about ready to go Kurt Cobain on ourselves with our Nationals wagers. And we're not talking about the victorious stage dive into the crowd Cobain used to do, with guitar around shoulder, while all amped up on some roadie's 8 ball. We're talking the day that bitch Courtney Love, had gotten on his last nerve.

Our first wager, which we placed with the infamous "Legend" of Vegas, was on Over the Nats' win total (70.5). We felt pretty good about it through the first two months of the season. In fact, the Nats were about .500 (26-27)going into the month of June. But a 162 game season can ebb and flow, and lets just say there has been a lot of ebbing in Nats Town lately.

Since the 1st of July, the Nats are 36-57, and have not been able to muster more than a 3 game winning streak since(once). They had to shelve their golden boy Strasburg, and have had to deal with the absurdity that is Nyjer Morgan.

To cash this "ticket", The Yack needs to find 9 curly dubyas, with 16 to go. They have 10 games at home, and 6 on the road. Realistically, we need the Nats to take 2 of 3 from the Phillies this weekend, and then at least 3 of 4 from Houston, who they get at Nats Park next week. That would put us at 67 wins with 9 games to go.

The second wager was made against "Joe Owner", lifelong Orioles fan, and real life Charlie Harper (Two and a Half Men). This simpleton gave us the Nats +2 wins, versus the Orioles win total. Now let me tell you how bad this has gone.

On August 3rd, when "Buck Me!" (as in Fuck Me!) Showalter took over, the lowly (at the time) Orioles were 33-73, and were the laughing stock of MLB. The Nats at the same time were 47-60, a 16 game cushion, when you factor in the 2 game spread. The Sportsyack was pretty much counting our money.

Fast forward to mid September. The "Buck Me!" Showalter led Orioles are 25-15, while the Strasburg-less Nats have gone 15-24 during that same span. What that equates to is a much slimmer 6 game cushion, with 16 to play. Drip, drip, drip....(us sweating)
(Tom Boswell does a nice compare and contrast, in this morning's WaPo. After we had already started this blog, we might add.)

Remarkably, since "Buck Me!" Showalter took over, the 25-15 Orioles have a "3 game lead" on the rest of the division.


Baltimore 25-15
NYYankees 22-18
Tampa Bay 21-18
Boston 21-18
Toronto 17-22

So as excited as The Yack is about the Redskins 1-0 start, thanks to the Dukes of Hazzard play callers (Jason Garrett and Bum's son), we still have a lot going on in the world of MLB. We're going to load up on guns and bring our friends, because its fun to lose and to pretend. Except we don't think losing is fun, and we really think we could still win both wagers.

A denial, a denial, a denial.......

*sidenote* Wanna feel old, Generation X'ers? Nirvana's "Nevermind" album will turn 19 years old next week. (Released September 24,1991)

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Kurt Cobain pic courtesy of Gary Carlson on Flickr
Nyjer Morgan's stupidity was yanked off of YouTube
Kool Aid drinking Oriole fan courtesy of Anthony Amobi on Flickr

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