Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Looking Into The NFL Future(s): Lock 2 of 2

Cleveland Browns over 5.5 wins

What the fuck is going on with the city of Cleveland? I realize you could've started asking that question some 40 years ago, when the Cuyahoga River caught on fire, or when Earnest Byner put the ball on the ground against the Broncos in the '87 AFC Championship Game, but this is ri-god-damn-diculous! Its truly one thing after another.

First it was LeBron, who practically sodomized the city on national TV this summer, as Creepy Gray looked on with his pants around his ankles, just weeks after the Cavs bowed out to the Celtics in the NBA playoffs. (check out this segue way) Now last week, the Browns second round pick and probable starter at running back, Montario Hardesty, tore his ACL, and is done for the year. (your welcome, Montario. Sorry, LeBron)

I just went to my local Best Buy to pick up Madden 11, and the entire city of Cleveland was on the cover. (Along with Dez Bryant, the Dallas O-line, and Tony Romo-Yeah, Fuck You Dallas! 4 days and counting, bitches!)

Seriously though, we love the Browns this year. (as well as in Week 1, but we'll tell that story tomorrow or Friday) We love how they ran the table last December, closing out the '09 campaign on a 4-0 run both on the scoreboard, and ATS(yum-yum!!!) We also like Mike Holmgren, and his at least attempt at sanity for the battered franchise. The Brownies had 8 draft picks within the first 6 rounds of this year's draft, and they shipped 9 vets out, and brought 11 vets in.

Laugh all you want about new starting QB Jake Delhomme, but we feel he can still be productive, and the guy is a fighter (just ask MeAngelo). Excluding last year, in the previous 5 years JD has been healthy, he has always thrown more Touches than Picks, and consistently has a passer rating in the mid to upper 80's.

Even with Hardesty's injury, the Browns should get running production from both Jerome Harrison and Peyton Hills, who they picked up from Denver, and who from most accounts, has impressed the coaching staff. Josh Cribbs might be the most underrated "exciting guy when he gets the ball" in the league, and will be available to return kicks, and line up in the Wildcat.

The Browns strength of schedule isn't the greatest for this wager(11th), but other than the Ravens, we feel the rest of their division will be frauds this year, including the much over hyped Bungholes.

We believe the Browns will be in almost every game they play this year, and we expect no less than 7 wins out of them. If we told you they'd come out of the gate 2-0, everyone and their mother would be on this. The Browns, following at Tampa (Week 1, a game we are taking out mortgages to bet on!) and at home against KC (Week 2), will come out of the gate 2-0.

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