Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mike Tomlin is a Pretty Good Coach, and Other Thoughts

Big Hair-Big Ass-Big Truck Nation has a pretty good head coach. Besides the fact that he's the youngest head coach to win a Super Bowl, Mike Tomlin's regular season .667 winning percentage through 51 games, is equal to that of "Jaw" Cowher.

While the johnson yanker has spent the first three games on the sideline, Tomlin put egos and distractions aside, played the cards he was dealt (Dixon and Batch), and has led the Steelers to a "nobody predicted" 3-0 start.

Two wins on the road, two wins as a Vegas dog, the #1 defense in the league- if the Steelers beat divisional rival Baltimore this weekend, setting a perfect plate for Big Ben's return, we might see an outbreak of starting quarterbacks next off season, pulling out their peckers at college bars.

The Redskins 3:4 Defense
Through 3 games last year, the Redskins defense had given up 977 yards. Through 3 games this year, the Redskins defense has given up 1,271 yards. That's about a 3:4 ratio.

Easy Money
We all know the Sportsyack has been hotter than a firecracker to start off the 2010 campaign. Some of our prognosticating requires a plethora of knowledge and years of study, and some of it is just playing basic trends.

Take for example, the "west coast team travels to east coast, and has to play a 1 o'clock EST game" trend. Follow all of that? Last year, it was a chicken dinner at 15-4 ATS. This year, its 2-0 (Oak at Tenn, and Arz at Atl)

This week features San Fran at Atlanta, in game that kicks off at 1 o'clock Eastern. Currently, the Dirty Birds are a 6.5 point favorite. My advice to you would be to tune back into The Sportsyack later in the week, when we've removed our lab coats and come out of our prognosticating holes, to see if we make the ATL one of our guaranteed winners.

The Sportsyack is guaranteed a push on our two pre-season Nats bets. We've closed out Oriole fan on our Nats +2 wins vs. O's win total bet, and we're still holding out hope on our over 70.5 wins bet. With 5 games to go, we need the Nats to finish 4-1 to hit that magic number.

Maybe the NL East Division winner Phillies, and their loud obnoxious, well traveled, dick-head Phans, will lay down the last two games of this current series, and then that way they can focus all their energy on rooting for that cocksucker, dog killing, asshole quarterback, who has to play the before mentioned 3:4 Redskin defense this upcoming Sunday.

A perfect Sunday for the Sportsyack: The Nats winning number 71, and Donovan McNabb and Crew going up to South Philly, and beating that Eagle ass. What was Al Michaels infamous call during the 1980 Winter Olympics?

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Pic of Mike Tomlin courtesy of B. Gohacki, via Flickr

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