Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week In Review

The Yack is out to a pretty good start handicapping the NFL. We're 4-1-1 through the first two weeks, and we're working on Week 3 games as we speak- even as we "rest" ourselves outside the '703'.

The Titans game Sunday is exactly why we refrain from making certain games bigger plays than others. From the opening kickoff, that game was a total betting disaster. Remarkably, after allowing the opening kickoff to go to the house for 6, and losing the turnover battle 7-1, the Titans somehow were driving and in a position to tie (with a two point conversion), had they scored on their last drive. We've taken note.

With 11 games to play, we've written off the "Over 70.5 wins" bet on the Nats, and our bet against the Orioles win total continues to get tighter. We have a 4 game lead on the O's bet, factoring in the 2 win spread. We wish "arms crossed" Riggleman would take a cue from "Buck Me!" Showalter, and put a foot up someone's ass for the final week and a half of the season. If we lose the bet against the O's win total, it would be one of the biggest collapses in futures betting history.

We're blaming @moneymetalcakes of The Junkies on On Saturday we were all over ECU +20 against the 0-2 Hokies. We loved it! That was until the notoriously wrong prognosticator (Cakes) took to twitter Saturday morning and tweeted: "Lock of the day...ECU +20 @ that line a joke? Bet it big!!!"

Sure enough, even after taking a 27-21 lead in the 3rd quarter, the Pirates of ECU opted to give up 28 unanswered points, and lost 49-27. That's right, sports fans. A team who was getting 20 points on the point spread, who was leading 27-21 in the 3rd quarter, somehow did not cover the line. Its games like that one, that drive us to go Lloyd Bridges from Airplane!.

Three days removed from the Redskins heartbreaking loss, we're not quite ready to go back to sniffing glue, drinking, pills, etc. Donovan McNabb's play, and quite frankly Kyle Shanahan's game scheming, leaves us optimistic about how things could be moving forward.

We haven't seen an aerial attack like the one we saw on Sunday, since the days of Rypien or Theismann. Unfortunately, the aerial attack put on by Schaub and the Texans, was just as impressive.

We're not as concerned about our lack of running game, as some others may be. I think they'll be able to run the ball, when the game plan calls for it. If you want to worry, maybe you should worry about the fact that the Skins defense has yielded almost 800 yards through the air, in just two games. Or the fact that every time Danny Smith's special teams takes the field, there is always a chance a Chinese fire drill breaks out.

Fred Davis' missed assignment (which by the way, the dream bar lover's assignment was nothing more that taking half a step to his right) cost them that game, its that simple. Its that type of boneheaded play, that cost the Skins a chance at 2-0, which would've put them all alone at the top of the NFC East.

But all is not lost. Dallas is 0-2, and everyone else is 1-1 and appears far from flawless. If the Skins take care of business in St. Louis this weekend, 2-1 is what most Skins fans would've taken through three weeks, heading into their week 4 divisional showdown, with the dog killer led Eagles.

More NFL handicap winners will be posted by Friday.

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