Monday, October 18, 2010

The NFC Least and Quit Killing Mike

Dallas haters need to chill-ax. As much fun as it is to watch this team self implode and make a mockery of themselves week after week, they are very much alive in the NFC East. With Washington and Philly both being road dogs, and Dallas hosting the Giants on Monday Night, the likely scenario has all 4 teams separated by just 1.5 games by weekend's end.

Remarkably, the 1-4 Cowboys have both a Top 5 offense and defense. They've only played 1 divisional game, and if they can get their excessive celebration heads out of their asses, they do control their own destiny, even with a dumbass at the helm. We have a hard time believing the Redskins are going to be able to keep up, with a 32nd ranked defense giving up as much yardage as it is week to week, and we've never thought the Eagles had the personnel to compete within.

The long and short of it; the Cowboys and the Giants will be there in the end, and the team who gets to 9-7, wins the division. And as average as the NFC appears to be this year, I wouldn't expect more than one team from the 'Least', to represent come post season.

"Dreams of Grandeur" Redskin fan needs to point their negative energy and hate somewhere other than in the direction of Mike Shanahan. On the heels of two years of bitching and moaning about the carte blanche atmosphere at Redskin Park, the Sportsyack suggests you applaud Shanahan for his "cleaning house" approach, and his lack of tolerance for players who are not 'all in'.

Newsflash, Kool Aid drinker(s): the Redskins are not going to win the Super Bowl this year. And since that's the case, I couldn't care less if Albert Haynesworth sees the field or not. He's not a team guy, and he's a total locker room distraction, to include players, coaches, AND the media.

Same goes for Devin Thomas, and all of you who are boo-fucking-hooing his dismissal. The guy couldn't get onto the field for the 3 years he was here, and he showed up to camp this year with a hamstring that probably could've used a little bit more off season training, and a lot less pretending to be Fantasia's boyfriend. And I won't even mention the alleged falling asleep during meetings incident (whoops), but if that did happen, it shows a real lack of commitment and total disrespect to his team, coaches, and the fans.

As a Redskin fan, I'm glad Shanahan is a 'buck stops here' guy, ala Bill Parcells. And in what can only be described as 360 degree hypocrisy, that same Redskin fan who called for Zorn's head, is the same Redskin fan who Monday morning quarterbacks Jerry Jones, on when and why he should be firing the very flippant Wade Phillips, yet in the same breath questions Shanahan's hard line approach.

You can't have it both ways, people. You can't criticize Zorn for two years, demand everyone get fired and that people at Redskin Park be accountable, and then bitch and moan when a proven winner comes in, and installs the "I'm not taking any shit" sign at the door.

Hopefully Shanahan's plan is to not dine and dash and take Snyder's money after just a couple years, but to put his stamp on a team full of players who want to win. We're going to give him and his ways more than 6 weeks to do so, before we pass judgement.

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