Saturday, November 27, 2010

NFL Week 12: When In Vegas, We Stay At The Wynn. Get It?

(Jacksonville +7) at NY Giants
This game sits on what Vegas calls a "key number", which is one of two numbers(the other being 3) that Vegas concerns itself with, when posting point spreads. The reason its of concern, is because almost 15% of NFL games(according to Doc's Sports Journal) end in a margin of either 3 and 7. And the reason these point spreads concern Vegas, is because if they go up or down a half point either way, or if worse- they move a full point wrapping around 3 or 7 (2.5 to 3 to 3.5, for example), the wise guys will pounce on the "middle" bet, which gives them(the bettor) an opportunity to win both sides. This game opened at 8.5 at most Vegas sports books, and obviously has since taken heavy money on Jax.

Having explained all that non-sense, the Giants are back to what we thought they were at the beginning of the season; an average at best football team, who has concerns on the defensive side of the ball. They've lost 2 straight entering this contest, and they've only covered 3 of their last 11 home games.

The Jags have won and covered 3 straight. They're getting great play from Quarterback David Garrard, who has had a QB rating of 120 or better in 5 of 9 games he's started this year. He's thrown 17 TD's vs. 10 INT's, for almost 1,700 yards. The Jags are also rushing for over 135 yards/game.

Go ahead and get crazy here, Arpoc. Take the Jags, and "fuck it, I'll do it live!", throw in an extra play/parlay/teaser or all, on (Jags/Over44).

(Minnesota -1) at Washington
We hate to pick against our beloved Redskins, but we have a feeling this game is going to be a semi-rout, not quite Eagles MNF, but nonetheless an ass whuppin'.

The Vikings, in our humble opinion, were the best team in football last year. Yeah, they lost to the Saints, who went on to win the Super Bowl, but we still feel they were the creme de la creme. This season has pretty much been dreadful, but they pretty much have the same parts they had last year, and we expect a Dallas Cowboys vs NY Giants like inspired performance, for their new coach.

The Redskins are beat up, and still have questions on the O-Line. They did play some inspired football last week, rallying around their MASH unit, and prevailing in Tennessee. However, this is the same team who lost to Detroit, won one of the ugliest games we've ever seen in Chicago, and got pollaxed by a rookie quarterback in St. Louis.

For Redskin fan, unfortunately, this is your typical "get fired up again after a nice win in Tennessee, only to be punched in the stomach" loss the following week. Vikings, 30-13.

(After watching that awesome tribute to #21, how many of those hits would Pussy Goodell let him get away with today? Probably not many.)

St.Louis at (Denver-3.5)
The rookie has done ok for himself in St. Louis, but he has yet to win a game on the road, and this week's outcome will be no different. Denver has lost 5 of its last 6 games, and apparently has resorted to video cheating to help garner an edge. File that under 'the apple didn't fall too far from that dick who wears a hoodie with the sleeves cut off'.

Kyle Orton is having one hell of a season, in what is an otherwise disappointing season for the Broncos. His season line reads 17 TDs to only 6 INTs, for over 3,000 yards, completing over 62% of his passes.

Expect the apple to come out of the tunnel with a big fat chip on his shoulder, and the Broncos will win this game in a rout.

Thanksgiving 2-1 ATS

YTD 25-16-1 ATS

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"I never root for Dallas." - Simpleton Redskin fan on Twitter

Rich Campbell, who is the Redskin beat reporter for The Free Lance-Star(Fredricksburg), and a damn good one, we might add, received a tweet at the conclusion of the Saints/Cowboys game by an alleged Redskin fan. The "fan", who will remain nameless, said to Campbell, "I never root for the Cowboys, playoffs or not."

So Campbell opted to retweet (post) this comment to his page, and asked his followers, "Anyone agree/disagree?"- an obvious attempt by Campbell, to get a response from other tweeps (like ourselves), to possibly engage this window licker in conversation about what the NFC playoff picture looks like. So that's what we did.

We initially told this fella that if he indeed was a Redskin fan, his comment was 'dumb', as the Saints were one of four teams between the Redskins and the Wild Card spots.

This fan responded again that he never roots for the Cowboys, and "it will be losses to the Rams and Lions that keep us out, not a Saints loss."

By this point, multiple twitterers were engaging this dipshit about his stupidity, trying to explain to him that the 3-8 Cowboys are non-factors, and if a Cowboy win helps the Redskins get a playoff berth- as one guy told him, "then I'll slap a star on!"

This was the point in the "conversation" when I knew we were dealing with a total moron. King Simpleton went on to say, "We've had this discussion before. I'll never root for the Boys, ever!" He added, "plus they (Saints) have 5 more games, plenty of time for them to lose!"

Hey ass clown, let me break it down for you. With only 6 games to play, there are now 4 teams between the Redskins and the final playoff spots. These 4 teams have anywhere from a 1 game to 2.5 game lead on them. What that means in layman terms- or should we say, "dumbass terms", when trying to explain this to an idiot like yourself, is that all of the 4 teams ahead of the Redskins, need to start losing. Immediately.

And as you claim to be a fan, as you patronize with your comments of me being a "realist" and that "you're kidding yourself if you think the Redskins are a playoff team", I at least can recognize that when one team who is challenging the Redskins for a playoff berth (Saints), is playing another team who is not(Cowboys), that as a Redskins fan, although it's not my favorite thing to do, I probably need and want the Cowboys to prevail.

In closing, Redskin fan, I'd like to give you one free lesson on who you should be rooting for over the final 6 weeks of the season. I'm going to try and do so in the same manner in which a grade school teacher would teach her 7 year old student basic math. We'll use this weekend's games as the example. Feel free to use your fingers when keeping track of teams' wins and losses:

Green Bay at Atlanta
Probably a good outcome either way for Redskin fan, but most likely Redskin fan should be rooting for Atlanta. The Redskins have already beaten Green Bay, and getting the Packers closer to the Redskins' record, brings in the tie breaker if in fact they finished with the same record.

Jax at NY Giants
This one should be easy. In fact, you won't even need to use your fingers to count. The Giants are in the Redskins division, they already have a one game lead on us as it is, and besides- and this is the easy part, the Jaguars aren't even in our Conference! Root for the Jags, donk.

Kansas City at Seattle
By some chance the Seahawks are passed by St. Louis for the division lead, and the Seahawks were to then factor into the Wild Card equation, root for the Chiefs. And as with the last game, KC isn't even in our Conference.

Philadelphia at Chicago
This game might be a toughy for you. I know you're into the "I would never root for..." business, but I'm afraid you might have to go to the well once again this weekend, and root for another NFC East team, the Eagles. Why? Well, the Eagles already have a 2 game lead on the Redskins, and are leading the division. And as with the Packers, the Redskins own the tie breaker if the two teams (Redskins and Bears) finished with identical records.

Tampa Bay at Baltimore

Another easy one, and probably the last game on the card that you probably need to have any interest in. Root for the Ravens, partner. They're not even in our Conference, the Bucs are, and the Bucs have a 2 game lead on the Redskins.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Watching, Eating, Farting, Watching, Sleeping: In That Order (and winners)

Thanksgiving is pretty cool. Probably the coolest. And if you have any doubt about that statement, think of it like this:

(1)Its the one holiday of the year where you get to go to a relative's house without a bag full of shitty gifts that you've spent a small fortune on, and that nobody really wants in the first place.

(2)You get to park your fat ass in front of a TV that has nothing but football on it.

(3)You immediately begin drinking, while a huge meal is being prepared for you to eat. Your meal is scheduled to take place during halftime of the first game, so not to miss any plays that involve your wagers or fantasy points.

(4)Once you're done eating, you re-assume your spot on the couch where the drinking and watching resume, while you fall off into an L-tryptophan induced coma, occasionally ripping the complimentary (to the cook), stinky fart...

Yeah. Thanksgiving is cool.

New England at (Detroit +6.5)
The Pats are on a short week in which they travel, following two huge conference wins (at Pittsburgh, home last week vs. Indy). They will not cover here, and possibly might even lose this tilt.

Following two road losses (shocker, haven't won a road game since Oct. 2007), the Lions come back to the friendly confines of Ford Field. The Lions are 2-2 SU and 4-0 ATS in their own backyard this year. They've also covered 6 straight versus teams with winning records.

We've been preaching all year that New England is not a serious contender. They have problems on the defensive side of the ball, and this non conference game reeks of a "day off" for Belichick's boys, following those two huge wins. Lions pull the Turkey Day upset, 27-23.

New Orleans at (Dallas +3.5)
Some guy on 1st and 10, a show that I think features Barbaro and that douchey looking pretty boy who we'd like to punch in the face(not Skip Bayless, but we'd probably punch him too), claimed that not only did the Cowboy players mail it in under Bum's son's watch, but so did Offensive Coordinator turned head coach, Jason Garrett.

The Aints ain't that impressive to us. Their Super Bowl hangover season has featured home losses to Atlanta and Cleveland, a road loss to Arizona, and a squeeker of a victory against awful Carolina. Their only real impressive win was against Pittsburgh, who they were catching in the middle of a 3 game roadie.

Listen folks, the Dickboys are playing for their jobs these last two months of the season. Jason Garrett, who apparently would have to skull fuck Jerry Jones' plastic surgeon to not to get the full time HC job, technically is still auditioning for a job. Reports indicate a higher level of discipline and accountability has been implemented since Garrett took over, and Dallas has responded on the field.

In the last 6 games in which these two teams have met, the underdog is 6-0 ATS. Dallas has scored 68 points in their two games under Garrett. Expect a lot of praise for the Cowboys from Troy Aikman and his partner, Joe Buck........... we mean "TV" partner, you dipshits. We would never imply that Troy Aikman and Joe Buck are lovers. Dallas wins 34-27.

Cincy at (NY Jets-9)
Last week during the Bears/Dolphins game, Ochocinco was tweeting about his admiration for Jay Cutler. Nobody seemed to pick up on it and report it as a jab towards his own QB Carson Palmer, but it sure seemed that way to us. This past week, Ochocinco spent his time on twitter promoting some video game, and giving shout outs to the Jonas Brothers. (seriously) Hard to believe his team is 2-8.

The Jets have the identically opposite record of the Bungholes, and nobody is calling into question their sophomore QB's abilities. Following a 9-0 home loss to Green Bay three weeks ago, Sanchez has prevailed down the stretch in overtime wins versus Detroit and Cleveland, and then last week's last second win over Houston.

The Jets are tied with the Patriots for the best record in the AFC, but the Jets own the head to head match up, as well as the best divisional and conference record, and they need to keep winning to ensure a possible home field advantage situation.

Cincy has nothing. They have to still be reeling from last week's meltdown against Buffalo. This game goes something like 24-9 or 27-10, Jets.

In closing, if you plan on camping out Thanksgiving night so that you may be the first one in line for Black Friday when your favorite store's doors open, you're an idiot, and I request that you stop reading these blogs immediately. You don't belong here.

Speaking of which, my favorite part of Black Friday is waiting for the inevitable videotape to roll in from some Walmart in Kansas or Illinois or some other shithole state I don't live in, in which a group of shoppers trample another group of shoppers, in their attempt to take advantage of the sale.

Which brings this blog full circle, and why The Sportsyack loves Thanksgiving so much. Because its the last non-hectic, non-commercialized day of the year, before we're bombarded with assholes on TV telling us what to buy, and requests of our significant others to put up the fucking tree.

Anyway, that's our take on it all. Enjoy your turkey and football. I’m off to ruin the secret of Santa for a bunch of 3rd graders. Cheers!

Last Week 4-0 ATS

YTD 23-15-1 ATS

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Monday, November 22, 2010

We Killed It, Redskins Win, and Other Stuff

A nice weekend of prognosticating for yours truly. 4 road ATS wins, 3 of which were barking dogs, is your basic nice Sunday afternoon. We advised to consider the Bills and Texans as money line plays, and would've nailed both of those had it not been for a last second Jets score. Our NFL record ATS for the year is a respectable 23-15-1.

The Redskins rebounded nicely after that Monday night ass whuppin' they took from Philly, with a hard fought win at Tennessee. Dominating the Titans statistically, including an almost 2:1 ratio in time of possession, the O-line looked better, as did McNabb, who only let a few passes get away.

With 6 games to go, we feel the Redskins are still a long shot to make the playoffs. They're 2 games behind division leader Philadelphia, and there are currently 4 "wild card" teams with better records. Realistically, the Redskins probably need to win 5 of their last 6 games, and also get some help from others. In any case, a 7-9 or 8-8 record would be a marked improvement from last year's 4-12 debacle.

Greg Oden has been put on the shelf once again by the Portland Trailblazers. For those keeping score at home, that's 4 seasons (technically) and only 82 games played for the once upon a time phenom from Ohio State.

If one must shed tears over this story, please do so for the basketball fans in Portland, and not for Mr. Oden. "Big Greg" has earned a little over $19 million for those 82 games he's played, and he's got a dong in his pants that legally has to be registered in 37 of the 50 states.

Speaking of the NBA, guess which team is currently 8-6, injured, vertically challenged, and their coach is on the "hot seat"....

Charlie "Harper" Sheen update: This dude is a classic. So Sheen was involved in that hotel trashing meltdown in NYC last month. Since then, his separation has been made formal, and the hooker, errrr, lady friend that was with him that night, has claimed that she was choked and later held hostage in the hotel bathroom. Sheen has since filed a suit against the woman for extortion. Stay tuned for further details, but in the meantime, enjoy another classic moment from the best show on TV.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

NFL Week 11: Wigs, Hair, and Boy Do We Like Roadies

(Buffalo+5) at Cincy
Ochocinco spent part of the week tweeting subtle digs at his Quarterback Carson Palmer. Our own Judge Patrick, who for those of you who don't know, resembles Carson Palmer, spent part of the week using Twitter to stalk hot, local sports anchors.
The Bengals have lost 6 straight coming into this contest. The Bills notched their first win last week, and we've liked the way they've played for the last month (3-0-1 ATS). Marvin Lewis and crew, in their last 13 as a favorite of 3.5-7 points, are 1-12 ATS. Give me a shot and a beer, Luke Russert. Bills win 16-13.

(Houston+6.5) at NY Jets
We love when we're on to the sucker lines that Vegas puts out, which the general public then blows their load on. This is one of them. Newsflash, Jet fan, we're 11 weeks into this campaign, and you're team is just 'ok'. Rex Ryan and his "F" bombs and reality TV show, have helped mask what in reality is the 5th or 6th best team in the AFC.
A home loss to the Pack, and then back to back road wins in OT (first time ever an NFL team pulled that off) to less than average teams who out played them(Det,Clev). We like the Texans to rebound from that rebound on that Hail Mary last week down in Jax. Matt Schaub's last 4 weeks read 90 for 135, 1087 yards, 5 TD vs 3 picks, for a passer rating of 98.4.
Rex Ryan dons a bozo wig, and wears clown shoes to get a chuckle out of the NY media. As with the Bills, consider the ML here. Texans

(Baltimore -11) at Carolina
Baltimore is certainly not the 5th or 6th best team in the AFC, in fact they could be 1st or 2nd in their conference. The Panthers are a total mess. At 1-8, John Fox is handing the Quarterbacking duties over to a guy who was changing diapers with duties in them just a week ago. Things are so bad in Carolina, that the super talented, railroaded by all his prior coaches, Devin Thomas, can't even get on the field. Can you believe that shit, Lavar?!?
This is a huge number, but we feel pretty good about it. The Ravens have extra rest from their Thursday night tilt 11 days ago. They're 5-1 ATS in their last 6 games following a SU loss. Its a sad end to what has been a great run for Fox in Carolina, but this game is going to be ugly, and this season will be Fox's last. Ravens.

(Indy +4)
at New England
Neither one of these teams will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. No way, no how. Both of these teams are missing a piece or two to the championship puzzle, and there is NO FREAKING WAY the Pats should be laying this many here.
New England has been up and down all year, and that's why we've avoided them or bet against them in certain spots. Getting pollaxed at Cleveland, and then coming back to dismantle Pittsburgh in Big Hair Nation was impressive. But they're still not the Pats of old.
New England is only 18th in total offense, and a horribly shocking 29th in total defense. The Colts still are a top 5 offense, and will manage Tom Brady and his Justin Bieber haircut, as they have in 5 of their last 6 meetings. Quite frankly, if New England was getting the 3.5 or 4 here, we'd be on the other side of the equation. Having said that, give us Peyton Manning and points 8 days a week. Colts

Last Week 2-2
YTD 19-14-1

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Should Redskin Fan Be Concerned? Judge Patrick Ponders

About 36 hours removed from what was easily the worst ass kicking we've ever seen the Redskins take, the 2010 Washington Redskins still remain clouded in questions and unknowns, which leaves Redskin fan quite frustrated. (cue up Chad Dukes rant from Tuesday-

Judge Patrick seems to think (about the 26:30 mark) that Mike Shanahan may have misjudged from afar, what it was he was getting himself into. The Judged one thinks Shanny has had a look of bewilderment on his face since about the Detroit post game presser. A look that asks, "what the fuck did I get myself into???"

Did Shanahan misjudge the amount of pieces it would take to right the ship? Maybe Snyder, as some have reported or speculated (John Riggins, David Elfin), is too close for comfort, as far as Shanahan is concerned when it comes to decision making.

As far as the McNabb extension is concerned, to be fair, you can make arguments for and against it. But one thing we feel you can't argue about, is the mixed message that encompasses the extension.

As in, how can Team Shanahan come out and convincingly (NOT) tell Redskin Nation that McNabb has "been our guy", and that it (the extension) has been in the works since he was acquired, following the benching in Detroit, and reports (J.Reid to Mike Wise Show) that Team Shanahan has been frustrated with McNabb's 'development' or lack of, in their system?

It just doesn't make sense, right?

As Redskin fan, we hope this is all part of Shanny's "master plan"- you know, build around McNabb, continue to shore up the O-line, maybe even draft a young quarterback so that McNabb can mentor him. But if this is not, and lets just say- following the debacle in Detroit and an absolute prison rape on national TV, the Redskins go to Tennessee and they get run out of the stadium similarly (in effort or lack of prep) to how they did by Philly- well then you can play the Chad Dukes rant on loop, as well as the embedded video below.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Not Just A Homer Pick: Redskins Win Outright

Philadelphia at (Washington +3.5)
Ever since the point spread came out over a week ago, we've been scratching our heads over Philly being a 3 point favorite in tonight's Monday night tilt against our beloved (black and white players, Doc) Redskins. With less than 12 hours until toe meets leather, the line has moved to 3 and a hook.

Our opinion on this line was confirmed to me this past weekend with a conversation I had with "The Legend", former gov't mole (allegedly) and current Las Vegas resident. The Legend confirms that the talk amongst the sports bettors and at the poker tables these past two weeks in the Las Vegas "parlors", is that of the dumpster fire that is the Washington Redskins.

In other words, the media debacle which was Shanahan benching McNabb, and Shanny's subsequent Twilight Zone like press conference, in which he dropped lines that included "cardiovascular endurance", has masked what is a much closer game on paper than what Vegas and the betting public have determined it to be.

With that being said, which is (perception)a legitimate argument when handicapping this game, lets talk about actual tangibles.

#1, the Redskins went into Philly 6 weeks ago, and pretty much kicked their ass. I'm not sure there has been two opening drives, like the ones the Redskins produced in this game, since maybe the 1991 Championship season.

Secondly, the Redskins- be it only 3 drives that he was in the game, contained Michael Vick. The first two drives went 3 and out, 4 and out. Vick didn't complete a single down field pass, and he only scrambled 3 times for 17 yards. All of his completions were dump offs to LeSean McCoy, one of which McCoy turned into a 31 yard (YAC) pick up.

Bottom line, from the Redskins defensive perspective, and to anybody that watched the same game we did, Vick was not being effective when he went out with the rib injury. On the other hand, Kevin Kolb came in and almost immediately began moving the ball down the field, eventually giving the Eagles a chance to win.

On the Redskins side of the ball, the before mentioned opening two drives were very impressive. Granted, McNabb limped down the stretch, but the damage had already been done to the Eagles. Not to mention, the Redskins rushed for 169 yards that day. Clinton Portis is still out, and Ryan Torain could still be nursing a hammy, but we feel the bye week will have done him and the offensive line good.

The Skins are coming off a bye. They've already beat Philly once. We think the McNabb/Shanahan saga was blown a little out of proportion, as the 24/7 news cycle will tend to do with a story like this one, but we feel McNabb will respond nevertheless, like he's done in the past.

The Eagles have only covered 1 of their last 5 versus the Redskins. Plus, with the exception of St. Louis, the Redskins have played tight games all season. We've been saying all year that the NFC East is a crap shoot, and that none of the four teams are really setting the world on fire.(See Cowgirls/Glee-men tilt from yesterday, Glee-man fan) Look for McNabb to respond to his critics, and for Shanahan to be back in the DMV's good graces by Tuesday morning. 26-17 Redskins.

Point spread courtesy of

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Yesterday: 2-1 ATS
YTD: 19-13-1

Friday, November 12, 2010

NFL Week 10: Racially Coded Winners

Detroit at (Buffalo -1)
The Bills are the best 0-8 team in the league. They're also the only 0-8 team in the league. We're not sure if an 0-8 team has ever been a favorite before, but we're pretty sure this point spread is racially coded to mean "Detroit sucks too."

The on the cusp of their first victory Bills have lost their last 3 games by a combined 9 points. The Lions are coming off a two game home stand that included a win over the Redskins, and a heartbreaking loss last week to the Jets, in which the Lions lost (yet again) Matthew "handle with care" Stafford to injury. The Lions haven't won a road game since October 2007, and that trend will continue with this blowout loss. 34-16 Bills.

(Dallas +13.5) at NY Giants
Answer: Eating pork grinds, lighting his farts, and watching "Dukes of Hazard" re-runs. Question: What will Wade Phillips be doing this Sunday?

We are going to the well once again. We've played the Cowgirls 4 times this year, and have only hit them once. However, we cannot pass on this NFC East match up, in which Eli and crew are laying over two touchdowns.

We think Jerry's busting a move (firing Wade) will inspire this team to at least try, which is more than what they've been doing as of late. The Giants are 0-5 ATS, their last 5 home games versus teams with losing records. Who knows, Jason Garrett might leave the Meadowlands 1-0. Doubtful, but this game will stay competitive.

New England at (Pittsburgh -5)
The Pats seemed a little fraudulent to us, even before last weekend's beat down they took from the Brownies. Their defense has been very inconsistent, and is ranked a pathetic 29th overall.

Pittsburgh and their #2 ranked defense played the first month of the season without Big Ben, and still managed to go 3-1(their 1 loss, a last minute touchdown score by the Ravens). Secondly, the Steelers just came off Roger "pussifying the league" Goodell's scheduling version of murderers row- three consecutive road games, yet they finished that roadie 2-1. Those two stretches define this team, and its why they will be representing the AFC in the Super Bowl.

New England was exposed last week for what they are; not the Patriots of old. And here's a stat for you: New England has only covered once in their last eight versus teams with a winning record. They're also on the back end of consecutive roadies, and we love playing against teams in that predicament.

Homecoming for Big Hair, Big Ass, and Big Truck Nation is going to be off the hook. Those inbreds will be fired up like its a family reunion in June, and cousin Betty is running around in them short-shorts, and she's on her period. Yeeee-Haaaa! 24-13 Steelers.

Last Week 2-1
YTD 17-12-1

Point spreads

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Race Baiting Local Media Should Be Ashamed of Themselves

Until Mike Shanahan pulled Donovan McNabb from the Detroit game almost two weeks ago, we had no idea the 3 ringed Super Bowl winning coach was a card carrying racist. Nor did we know that this area (DC Metro)- that we've lived in our entire lives, was such a racist, black person hating town. At least that's the case, according to more than a handful of talking heads.

The dissection of Mike Shanahan's presser, in which he scrambled to give excuses on why he pulled his starting QB with under 2:00 to play, began almost immediately. Everyone from David Aldridge (on TK's radio show), to part time Washingtonian Mike Wilbon, to more recently John Feinstein, in so many words, called Shanahan a racist. They felt his comments were racially coded.

Feinstein, who obviously is trying to fill "air time", as Tiger and golf in general have been taking a back seat to almost everything else in this sports world, went as far to say that Shanahan should be fired.

What a brilliant idea. The Redskins should fire Shanahan, 8 games into what is already a successful tenure (based off the prior administration), all because John "Junior" Feinstein exhaustively over analyzed Mike Shanahan's comments, and determined them to be racial coding.

Feinstein's comments should not come as much of a surprise. He contributes to a paper (WaPo) that employs guys like Eugene Robinson, who just last week wrote an article claiming that last Tuesday's election results were driven by race, and a hatred for President Obama.

Such a positive outlook, and what a ringing endorsement for the society we live in, to basically call the American people bigots.

For Feinstein, this isn't the first time "Junior" has shot off when talking pigskin. In December of '08, in a column in which he was talking about guns and NFL players as it pertained to the Plaxico Burress incident, Feinstein wrote that it was time to abolish the almost 250 year old 2nd amendment.

The Lavar and Dukes Show opted to field calls on the subject, and many of the callers sounded delusional. One caller said he felt Shanahan should be fined by Redskins owner Daniel Snyder. Our questions to that dipshit would be, "For what?"

Another caller said he agreed with Feinstein, and that Shanahan should be fired because "Shanahan was creating a racial divide in the locker room." Yeah, buddy. I'm sure that's what Old Mike is trying to do- create a racial divide in a locker room that is about 95% black. Seriously, caller fan boy, are you really that dumb and ignorant?

But the biggest offender this past week, when it came to stirring the race baiting pot, was once again Mike Wise, from The Mike Wise Show. During last Friday's show, while talking to Redskin beat writer Jason Reid, Wise opted to close the interview with his opinions on the DC/Metro area, and a story about an alleged conversation he had with a un-named former Redskin player.

Wise painted broadly, like he usually does (i.e. UVA Lacrosse murder case), while talking with Reid. "This (Shanahan/McNabb story) has touched a bit of a racial hot button. Did you feel at all, that this was the white boss calling the black employee stupid?", Wise asked.

Reid, who to us appeared uncomfortable with the road he inevitably knew Wise was going down, replied, "I don't." Reid went on to say that multiple sources, both black and white, have told Reid that McNabb has had trouble picking up the offense.

Apparently that answer wasn't good enough for king spin doctor, Wise. He continued on about this conversation he allegedly had the previous evening,(possibly Rick "Doc" Walker, based off of Wise's column from 11/11/10). He claims this un-named former Redskin said that racism in this area was based on "an ignorance for what this area is about." Wise recanting this story, went on to say that this player explained to him why so many folks in this town were Cowboys fans; because it was pay back from blacks, due to the Redskins being the last team to integrate.

Wise then asked and answered himself, "Who is the most beloved Redskin in town? John Riggins. Who is probably the second or third most? Sonny Jurgenson." Wise went on to say that former black Redskins, including Hall of Famers, don't feel as beloved as white players.

Really, Mike? And did you take a poll of all these former players?

What about Darrell Green? He's not beloved? Last time I checked, all the redneck white boys from Northern Virginia hated #28 so much, that they named a major road after him (Rt. 28). What about Sean Taylor? He wasn't beloved? This town, white and black together, still mourn his death today.

People like Wise and Feinstein make us ill. Their matter of fact tone, when throwing around the race card, is both pathetic and insulting to many white people, including members of the Sportsyack family, who have had Redskin season tickets for over 40 years. We've supported the Burgundy and Gold through thick and thin, regardless of the players' skin color.

And if Doc Walker really said those things to Wise, I'd suggest he pick up shop, and get the hell out of this "racist" town that he lives in. You know, the same town that embraced him in the early Eighties, as a member of the Hogs, which then allowed him to parlay that into becoming one of the most popular ex-Redskins turned media.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

4-4 is Great Thru 8. And We're Still In Mike's Corner

By Beaver in Sterling

The Redskins are 4-4 at the halfway point of the 2010 season, already having matched their win total from the 2009 campaign. Anymore W's from here on out- and we think 7-9 is obtainable, will simply be gravy on Dirty 30's meat and potatoes. So what was with all the anti-Mike Shanahan talk during the bye week?

Year in and year out, many a Redskin fan(the Yack excluded) seem to have an expectation level of this team, that is flat out retarded. This year, not only is .500 not good enough for sports talk radio caller, but neither are Shanahan's modes of discipline.

During the Maroon and Black days of Jim Zorn, Redskin Nation saw a boy amongst men, who had no control of the locker room, and who essentially by Week 3 last year at Detroit, had lost the entire team. (Chris Cooley and Clinton Portis have both said as much) And sports talk radio hosts and callers were the first ones on Monday morning, bitching about the shit-show that was "Swing Gate" and a bingo calling OC, tucked amongst a 4-12 season.

So what gives, Redskin fan, with all the pissing and moaning about how Mike Shanahan has opted to do things? Your reaction is as knee jerk as Shanahan's decision to yank Donovan McNabb from the Detroit game. Which by the way, we're not coming to his defense on that one.

But all and all, we like the way he is doing things. He has opted to set a bar of responsibility, and commanded a "my way or the highway" approach. You could even argue that the way he has dealt with a malcontent in Fat Albert, is beginning to pay off.

The timing to yank McNabb in that spot was simply awful, but the light has since been shed on what is a definitely a quarterback "situation" in Washington. As in, don't be surprised if "Sexy Rexy" is quarterbacking the second half versus Philly.

So when local sports radio is asking listeners, "Who would you rather have on your roster next year, McNabb or Shanahan?", we've got to believe this town has lost its collective minds.

Patience, Redskin fans. Not only are the Redskins not going to the Super Bowl this year, but they won't be making the playoffs either. Its not curmudgeonery, its just fact.

The multi-ringed Mike was brought in, for all intents and purposes, to clean house and establish a level of discipline at Redskin Park. Not every decision is going to be perfect, nor should one expect you to agree with every move he makes along the way. But to practically be calling for Shanahan's firing, just 8 games into his Redskin tenure?!? Are you kidding me?!?

Shanahan, short of McNabb(and we're still not sure that wasn't a Snyder driven move), inherited this team; Fat Albert, age, and lacking draft picks- all Vinny and Danny's doings. He should be allotted the proper amount of time to right the ship, and hopefully put this team on the road to success. Beating Philly next Monday night, will go a long way in Shanahan getting more "time" from the froth that is the fickleness of Redskin Nation.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

NFL Week 9: An Off Week For Rex

(Tampa+9.5) at Atlanta
This game is inviting the underdog bettor to the table. The standard (sucker line) evaluation of this game is as follows: "How is a one 5-2 team, laying 9 points to another 5-2 team?" Nevertheless, our evaluation of this game is, "How is a one 5-2 team, laying 9 points to another 5-2 team?"

In horse racing (Breeder's Cup plug), the favorite who goes on to win is sometimes referred to as "much the best". That's not a term that can be used when describing either of these two teams, nor much of the NFC, for that matter. In fact, the Week 9 NFL power rankings don't even sniff an NFC team until you get to the #6 spot, the Atlanta Falcons.

26-47 is the combined records of the teams these two teams have beaten this season. Atlanta does have one semi-impressive win(at New Orleans), but we're not ready to consider them Super Bowl, nor NFC Title contenders quite yet.

Something can be said, Mike, for a coach who puts faith in his team(or a player), and has them believing they can win. Tampa coach Raheem Morris, just two weeks ago, told reporters he felt his team was the "best team in the NFC". The Bucs are tied with Mike's team in the +/- category for takeaways (+8). They've covered 5 straight road games, and 8 of their last 10 visits to the Georgia Dome. We're laying faith in the believer and his team. Bucs.

Miami at (Baltimore-5)
We're going to play the "martingale" due factor against Miami. James Gandolfini and crew are some sick bastards this year on the road, 4-0 SU and ATS. Over the last 3 seasons, they've covered 16 of their last 21 on the road, and are 13-3 in their last 16 as a road dog. However, all good things (trends) must come to an end, or at least start leveling off, and we'll take our chance betting against the team who is on the back end of consecutive road games.

The Ravens are 7-1 ATS in their last 8 following a bye week. They're 4-1 last 5 following an ATS loss (37-34 to Buffalo, two weeks ago). Chad Henne will account for at least one fumble/int for 6 the other way, and the Ravens will win by two touchdowns.

New Orleans at (Carolina +6.5)
With 8 of the 13 games on this weekend's card featuring a home dog, did you not think we would sniff one out? Saints have been up and down this year. They're coming off a big national TV win over Pittsburgh, but they also have losses to not so great opponents Cleveland and Arizona.

Carolina is no great shakes either, obviously at 1-6, but they generally play the Saints tough, covering 5 straight vs. the hurricane victims, including an ATS cover earlier in the season (16-14 loss, Week 4).

The Panthers have covered 6 of their last 7 against divisional opponents, and their defense is not yielding a whole lot(3rd in the NFL, in total yards allowed). Panthers. And consider a parlay/tease with the under.

Last Week 2-1

YTD 14-11-1

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