Sunday, November 7, 2010

4-4 is Great Thru 8. And We're Still In Mike's Corner

By Beaver in Sterling

The Redskins are 4-4 at the halfway point of the 2010 season, already having matched their win total from the 2009 campaign. Anymore W's from here on out- and we think 7-9 is obtainable, will simply be gravy on Dirty 30's meat and potatoes. So what was with all the anti-Mike Shanahan talk during the bye week?

Year in and year out, many a Redskin fan(the Yack excluded) seem to have an expectation level of this team, that is flat out retarded. This year, not only is .500 not good enough for sports talk radio caller, but neither are Shanahan's modes of discipline.

During the Maroon and Black days of Jim Zorn, Redskin Nation saw a boy amongst men, who had no control of the locker room, and who essentially by Week 3 last year at Detroit, had lost the entire team. (Chris Cooley and Clinton Portis have both said as much) And sports talk radio hosts and callers were the first ones on Monday morning, bitching about the shit-show that was "Swing Gate" and a bingo calling OC, tucked amongst a 4-12 season.

So what gives, Redskin fan, with all the pissing and moaning about how Mike Shanahan has opted to do things? Your reaction is as knee jerk as Shanahan's decision to yank Donovan McNabb from the Detroit game. Which by the way, we're not coming to his defense on that one.

But all and all, we like the way he is doing things. He has opted to set a bar of responsibility, and commanded a "my way or the highway" approach. You could even argue that the way he has dealt with a malcontent in Fat Albert, is beginning to pay off.

The timing to yank McNabb in that spot was simply awful, but the light has since been shed on what is a definitely a quarterback "situation" in Washington. As in, don't be surprised if "Sexy Rexy" is quarterbacking the second half versus Philly.

So when local sports radio is asking listeners, "Who would you rather have on your roster next year, McNabb or Shanahan?", we've got to believe this town has lost its collective minds.

Patience, Redskin fans. Not only are the Redskins not going to the Super Bowl this year, but they won't be making the playoffs either. Its not curmudgeonery, its just fact.

The multi-ringed Mike was brought in, for all intents and purposes, to clean house and establish a level of discipline at Redskin Park. Not every decision is going to be perfect, nor should one expect you to agree with every move he makes along the way. But to practically be calling for Shanahan's firing, just 8 games into his Redskin tenure?!? Are you kidding me?!?

Shanahan, short of McNabb(and we're still not sure that wasn't a Snyder driven move), inherited this team; Fat Albert, age, and lacking draft picks- all Vinny and Danny's doings. He should be allotted the proper amount of time to right the ship, and hopefully put this team on the road to success. Beating Philly next Monday night, will go a long way in Shanahan getting more "time" from the froth that is the fickleness of Redskin Nation.

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