Friday, November 12, 2010

NFL Week 10: Racially Coded Winners

Detroit at (Buffalo -1)
The Bills are the best 0-8 team in the league. They're also the only 0-8 team in the league. We're not sure if an 0-8 team has ever been a favorite before, but we're pretty sure this point spread is racially coded to mean "Detroit sucks too."

The on the cusp of their first victory Bills have lost their last 3 games by a combined 9 points. The Lions are coming off a two game home stand that included a win over the Redskins, and a heartbreaking loss last week to the Jets, in which the Lions lost (yet again) Matthew "handle with care" Stafford to injury. The Lions haven't won a road game since October 2007, and that trend will continue with this blowout loss. 34-16 Bills.

(Dallas +13.5) at NY Giants
Answer: Eating pork grinds, lighting his farts, and watching "Dukes of Hazard" re-runs. Question: What will Wade Phillips be doing this Sunday?

We are going to the well once again. We've played the Cowgirls 4 times this year, and have only hit them once. However, we cannot pass on this NFC East match up, in which Eli and crew are laying over two touchdowns.

We think Jerry's busting a move (firing Wade) will inspire this team to at least try, which is more than what they've been doing as of late. The Giants are 0-5 ATS, their last 5 home games versus teams with losing records. Who knows, Jason Garrett might leave the Meadowlands 1-0. Doubtful, but this game will stay competitive.

New England at (Pittsburgh -5)
The Pats seemed a little fraudulent to us, even before last weekend's beat down they took from the Brownies. Their defense has been very inconsistent, and is ranked a pathetic 29th overall.

Pittsburgh and their #2 ranked defense played the first month of the season without Big Ben, and still managed to go 3-1(their 1 loss, a last minute touchdown score by the Ravens). Secondly, the Steelers just came off Roger "pussifying the league" Goodell's scheduling version of murderers row- three consecutive road games, yet they finished that roadie 2-1. Those two stretches define this team, and its why they will be representing the AFC in the Super Bowl.

New England was exposed last week for what they are; not the Patriots of old. And here's a stat for you: New England has only covered once in their last eight versus teams with a winning record. They're also on the back end of consecutive roadies, and we love playing against teams in that predicament.

Homecoming for Big Hair, Big Ass, and Big Truck Nation is going to be off the hook. Those inbreds will be fired up like its a family reunion in June, and cousin Betty is running around in them short-shorts, and she's on her period. Yeeee-Haaaa! 24-13 Steelers.

Last Week 2-1
YTD 17-12-1

Point spreads

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