Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Race Baiting Local Media Should Be Ashamed of Themselves

Until Mike Shanahan pulled Donovan McNabb from the Detroit game almost two weeks ago, we had no idea the 3 ringed Super Bowl winning coach was a card carrying racist. Nor did we know that this area (DC Metro)- that we've lived in our entire lives, was such a racist, black person hating town. At least that's the case, according to more than a handful of talking heads.

The dissection of Mike Shanahan's presser, in which he scrambled to give excuses on why he pulled his starting QB with under 2:00 to play, began almost immediately. Everyone from David Aldridge (on TK's radio show), to part time Washingtonian Mike Wilbon, to more recently John Feinstein, in so many words, called Shanahan a racist. They felt his comments were racially coded.

Feinstein, who obviously is trying to fill "air time", as Tiger and golf in general have been taking a back seat to almost everything else in this sports world, went as far to say that Shanahan should be fired.

What a brilliant idea. The Redskins should fire Shanahan, 8 games into what is already a successful tenure (based off the prior administration), all because John "Junior" Feinstein exhaustively over analyzed Mike Shanahan's comments, and determined them to be racial coding.

Feinstein's comments should not come as much of a surprise. He contributes to a paper (WaPo) that employs guys like Eugene Robinson, who just last week wrote an article claiming that last Tuesday's election results were driven by race, and a hatred for President Obama.

Such a positive outlook, and what a ringing endorsement for the society we live in, to basically call the American people bigots.

For Feinstein, this isn't the first time "Junior" has shot off when talking pigskin. In December of '08, in a column in which he was talking about guns and NFL players as it pertained to the Plaxico Burress incident, Feinstein wrote that it was time to abolish the almost 250 year old 2nd amendment.

The Lavar and Dukes Show opted to field calls on the subject, and many of the callers sounded delusional. One caller said he felt Shanahan should be fined by Redskins owner Daniel Snyder. Our questions to that dipshit would be, "For what?"

Another caller said he agreed with Feinstein, and that Shanahan should be fired because "Shanahan was creating a racial divide in the locker room." Yeah, buddy. I'm sure that's what Old Mike is trying to do- create a racial divide in a locker room that is about 95% black. Seriously, caller fan boy, are you really that dumb and ignorant?

But the biggest offender this past week, when it came to stirring the race baiting pot, was once again Mike Wise, from The Mike Wise Show. During last Friday's show, while talking to Redskin beat writer Jason Reid, Wise opted to close the interview with his opinions on the DC/Metro area, and a story about an alleged conversation he had with a un-named former Redskin player.

Wise painted broadly, like he usually does (i.e. UVA Lacrosse murder case), while talking with Reid. "This (Shanahan/McNabb story) has touched a bit of a racial hot button. Did you feel at all, that this was the white boss calling the black employee stupid?", Wise asked.

Reid, who to us appeared uncomfortable with the road he inevitably knew Wise was going down, replied, "I don't." Reid went on to say that multiple sources, both black and white, have told Reid that McNabb has had trouble picking up the offense.

Apparently that answer wasn't good enough for king spin doctor, Wise. He continued on about this conversation he allegedly had the previous evening,(possibly Rick "Doc" Walker, based off of Wise's column from 11/11/10). He claims this un-named former Redskin said that racism in this area was based on "an ignorance for what this area is about." Wise recanting this story, went on to say that this player explained to him why so many folks in this town were Cowboys fans; because it was pay back from blacks, due to the Redskins being the last team to integrate.

Wise then asked and answered himself, "Who is the most beloved Redskin in town? John Riggins. Who is probably the second or third most? Sonny Jurgenson." Wise went on to say that former black Redskins, including Hall of Famers, don't feel as beloved as white players.

Really, Mike? And did you take a poll of all these former players?

What about Darrell Green? He's not beloved? Last time I checked, all the redneck white boys from Northern Virginia hated #28 so much, that they named a major road after him (Rt. 28). What about Sean Taylor? He wasn't beloved? This town, white and black together, still mourn his death today.

People like Wise and Feinstein make us ill. Their matter of fact tone, when throwing around the race card, is both pathetic and insulting to many white people, including members of the Sportsyack family, who have had Redskin season tickets for over 40 years. We've supported the Burgundy and Gold through thick and thin, regardless of the players' skin color.

And if Doc Walker really said those things to Wise, I'd suggest he pick up shop, and get the hell out of this "racist" town that he lives in. You know, the same town that embraced him in the early Eighties, as a member of the Hogs, which then allowed him to parlay that into becoming one of the most popular ex-Redskins turned media.

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