Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Should Redskin Fan Be Concerned? Judge Patrick Ponders

About 36 hours removed from what was easily the worst ass kicking we've ever seen the Redskins take, the 2010 Washington Redskins still remain clouded in questions and unknowns, which leaves Redskin fan quite frustrated. (cue up Chad Dukes rant from Tuesday-

Judge Patrick seems to think (about the 26:30 mark) that Mike Shanahan may have misjudged from afar, what it was he was getting himself into. The Judged one thinks Shanny has had a look of bewilderment on his face since about the Detroit post game presser. A look that asks, "what the fuck did I get myself into???"

Did Shanahan misjudge the amount of pieces it would take to right the ship? Maybe Snyder, as some have reported or speculated (John Riggins, David Elfin), is too close for comfort, as far as Shanahan is concerned when it comes to decision making.

As far as the McNabb extension is concerned, to be fair, you can make arguments for and against it. But one thing we feel you can't argue about, is the mixed message that encompasses the extension.

As in, how can Team Shanahan come out and convincingly (NOT) tell Redskin Nation that McNabb has "been our guy", and that it (the extension) has been in the works since he was acquired, following the benching in Detroit, and reports (J.Reid to Mike Wise Show) that Team Shanahan has been frustrated with McNabb's 'development' or lack of, in their system?

It just doesn't make sense, right?

As Redskin fan, we hope this is all part of Shanny's "master plan"- you know, build around McNabb, continue to shore up the O-line, maybe even draft a young quarterback so that McNabb can mentor him. But if this is not, and lets just say- following the debacle in Detroit and an absolute prison rape on national TV, the Redskins go to Tennessee and they get run out of the stadium similarly (in effort or lack of prep) to how they did by Philly- well then you can play the Chad Dukes rant on loop, as well as the embedded video below.

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