Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Enough of the McBadd Pity Party

As far as we're concerned, the dust has settled on the Donovan McBadd benching. The reaction by most of the media in DC was absurd. If we take Mike Shanahan on his word (oxymoron, we know)- that he wants to see what he's got moving forward, then whats the big deal? The Redskins were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs with their loss to the Bucs the week before, and besides, McBadd has had an awful season.

His numbers read: 77.1 passer rating, 14 TDs, 15 INTs. Don't look now Jason Campbell haters (which by the way, disclaimer, included ourselves), but JC is beating McBadd statistically this year in Oakland, and pretty much did last year here in DC (compared to what D-Mac is doing this year), with essentially the same team McBadd is working with this season.

As disrespected as McBadd claims he felt for being benched, with the numbers he's put up this year, Redskin fans and Dan Snyder should fire a "right back at ya, Donny."

Counting the $3.5 million bonus McBadd will get paid as part of his contract extension, if he gets cut during the off season, the Redskins will have paid this "disrespected" former Eagle who has played like total dogshit all year, $14.7 million.

Wow. That's some serious disrespecting. Can we get some? In fact, we'll let you sodomize us and run over our dog for that kind of cash.

Admittedly, McBadd doesn't have the greatest cast of characters around him, which is why DC fan needs to recognize that the Redskins are still a work in progress. We don't expect the Redskins to go the the Super Bowl next year, nor do we expect Rex Grossman to be the future of the team, but we must say- just doing the one game sniff test, that Grossman did seem to be more crisp and we're not sure how that point can be argued.

For starters, Grossman was not the reason the Redskins lost to Dallas. His first pick was awful, no doubt about it, but his fumble was partly to blame on a pass protection breakdown, and the last INT was a throw he HAD to make, given the game situation.

Instead of brushing aside Grossman's 4 TD performance and saying, "yeah but he had 3 turnovers and that's why they lost.", take a moment to look at the horrendous play (again) of the special teams.

Sandwiched around Grossman's admittedly awful 1st Quarter INT, were two special teams treats from Bazooka Joe's unit. After stalling out on their first drive, Washington punted from their own 19, but gave up a return back to their own 30. That's a net 11 yard punt for all you math wizards at home. On their third drive of the game, Washington was forced to punt from their own 19 again, and this time gave up a return back to their own 35. That's a net 16 yard punt.

As a result of these two "special" punts and Rex's INT, 26 of Dallas' first 27 offensive plays came in Washington territory. When you combine how sad that is, with how amazing it is, you have one amazingly sad stat that sends us running to the top of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge with our jumping shoes on.

26 out of Dallas' first 27 plays were run in Washington territory!?! Are you fucking kidding me?!? It's a miracle that the Redskins weren't down by 28 or more by halftime.

It's too bad Danny Smith can't coach as well as he chews gum. His special teams are more like Special Olympics, and they don't belong on an NFL field. His shortcomings have been masked quite nicely by the great season Brandon Banks has had. The only people who will miss him next year, when Shanahan (hopefully) sends him packing, are the King of Ashburn, and the bartenders at the Bonefish Grill.

But as far as McBadd is concerned, just shut up already. Radio guy, bleeding heart guy, Redskin kool aid drinker fanboy guy, who thought the Redskins were going to the playoffs this year, enough already! This former Eagle, for whom you get on radio and TV and cry in his defense for, like a bunch of whiny fucking pussies, is just another in the long list of over the hill, over paid free agents, who came to town, got paid, and then didn't deliver on the field.

Adam Archuleta, Fat Albert, Deion Sanders, Bruce Smith, Jason Taylor, Brandon Lloyd, Mark Carrier, Jeff George, TJ Duckett, Trung Candidate, Jeremiah I missing any???..oh yeah, Donovan McBadd.

And in light of the 77 passer rating, the almost $15 million he'll be leaving town with, and now recently- the "poor, poor, pitiful me" comments and angling for sympathy statement, that McBadd's agent released to the public a few days ago, Redskin fans need to realize that this guy is gone, he's not your friend, and bitching about the Shanahans is not going to do you any good.

The short term future is going to involve Mike Shanahan, and the way he does things. I don't care if he's not a media darling, I don't care if "the locker room is pissed" because of the benching- Fuck'em. A third of those guys will be lucky to be on the roster next year anyway.

The culture and attitude has needed a change for the better in Ashburn, for quite sometime now. And if you enablers want to take sides with a fat, out of shape, American Tap Room regular drunkard, or an 11 year 'traded within the division' veteran Quarterback, who spent 13 games under performing, ranked 26th out of 32 league Quarterbacks, well then go ahead.

Like Mike, we're moving on.

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