Sunday, January 2, 2011

NFL Week 17: Playoff Bound Winners

The Sportsyack is bright eyed and bushy tailed. We spent Saturday evening watching the Caps give the Penguins a beat down, and now we're ready to do the same to "the man". NBC production of the outdoor hockey game was less than stellar, but the outcome was to our liking.

I'm not sure who was running the cameras from 'the truck', but whomever it was, they are not fans of hockey, and obviously have not viewed too many games on the Telly. The overhead shots just don't do it the same way they do it in football, fellas. In fact, the Caps second goal was most likely missed by most, as the live action shot was from above, which made it harder to follow the puck, and watch the play develop.

For DMVers, it goes to show you how awesome of a job CSN does, not just with their camera work, but with the play by play and color of Joe B. and Lauger. Coupled with the technology that is HDTV, it makes for a truly enjoyable viewing experience.

These two teams will play again in front of a national audience, February 6th- Super Bowl Sunday.

NY Giants(-3.5
at Washington
Death, taxes, Sportsyack taking a shit within 10 minutes of drinking his first cup of coffee in the morning, and the Giants beating the Redskins. The G-Men have won 5 straight versus their divisional opponent from DC, and 8 of the last 10. And with an outside shot at a playoff birth, which means they need to win and get help, this game could be Skins/Giants Laugher Part II.

Listen, Skins fans. I want you to prepare yourself for the inevitable. The Giants are a more physical team, have our number, and actually are playing for something. Don't kill yourself when the Redskins exit the 2010 campaign as losers, and sports talk radio guy is telling you tomorrow how awful of a human being Mike Shanahan is. The Giants are the superior team, and will stick it up the Burgundy and Gold's ass this afternoon.

Grossman is sacked no less than 5 times and will throw no less than 2 picks, which will allow Redskin Nation 4 months to chew on the notion of whether or not Mike and Bruce draft a Quarterback with their first pick in April. There is always next year, which to be fair, is the year Mike Shanahan should legitimately be held accountable. 30-10 Giants.

Dallas at Philadelphia (OVER 43)

Good news, Cowboys fan. Since taking over the Cowboys, Jason Garrett's offense is averaging 31 points per, 3 points more per than they were averaging under Bum's son. Bad news, Cowboys fan. You're still second to last in the league, giving up 28.2 points per on the defensive side of the ball.

Barack Obama's favorite dog killing Quarterback won't be playing today, but Kevin Kolb will be, and he will be given the opportunity to show off his skills. And he's got some skills, Napoleon. Unfortunately for Philly fan, your defense has become your Achilles heal, which will lead to an early exit from the post season, and lots-O points in today's contest.

Over their last 5 games, the Eagles are giving up almost 28 points per. They've played Over in 9 of their last 11. The Cowboys too are trending Over. 10 of their last 11 versus the NFC, and 14 of their last 17 overall. Play over, and throw in a smaller Dallas/Over parlay. 34-30 Cowboys.

Last Week 1-2 ATS

YTD 35-23-3 ATS

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