Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Gotta Notion: Redskins Need Not Draft a QB with 10th Pick

Kevin Sheehan and Thom Loverro were arguing on air the other day, about how the Redskins should use their 1st round (10th) pick. Kevin Sheehan took the side that a lot of Dan Snyder enablers have taken- not that we think he is one, but nevertheless, he is in favor of drafting a QB at that spot. We couldn't disagree more. And apparently neither could Loverro.

The Redskins have multiple problems to address, before they draft and then pay a QB who could fall flat on his face amongst the mediocrity surrounding him.

This led to a mini argument between myself and @JudgePatrick, about the Notion that the NFL is a full blown, QB driven league. I don't think it is.

Historically speaking, especially in the case of the Redskins, its not. The Redskins, according to Papa Yack, haven't had a "real good" Quarterback since Sonny Jurgenson. And let's face it, Joe Gibbs' 3 Super Bowl titles were won by 3 journeymen Quarterbacks, who all played behind solid offensive lines.

So does the Gibbs/Old School Redskin formula for winning apply today? Possibly.

In the past decade, journeymen, non-elite Quarterbacks have won/competed in Super Bowls. Dilfer, Grossman, Gannon, DelHomme and Eli Manning come to mind- not exactly first ballot, HOFers.

And spare me, Giant fan, if you're going to take exception with our categorizing of Eli, but he is what he is: A $97 million (overpaid) QB, who should be paying David Tyree an annual commission.

The Redskins need to focus on doing what Gibbs did back in the day, and quite frankly what Shanahan did in Denver. Granted, Shanny had John Freaking Elway, but he also had solid offensive lines, and turned a no name ex-Marine into an almost 1,500 yard rusher during the 2000 season.

To validate the point a bit, you need to look no further than this year's playoffs. There have been 10 playoff games thus far. In all 10 games, the team that won the ground game, also won the game on the scoreboard.

And Jay Cutler and Mark Sanchez aren't exactly Brady and Brees. Jay Cutler spent the majority of the first 2/3 of the season on his ass, yet somehow (with an improved line, good defense, and quite frankly not much more) was on a team that hosted this year's NFC Championship Game.

Mark Sanchez? The guy has a lot of upside and a bright future, but he went through the regular season with a 75 passer rating, throwing for 3,200 yards. Honestly, Chad Henne does that, Donovan McNabb did that- look at their numbers. Its the parts around Sanchez that helps make him a "winner".

And don't sleep on defense as it pertains to the "winning formula". A good defense still goes a long way in winning championships. Pittsburgh and Green Bay's defenses have been smothering all season- ranked 2nd and 5th respectively, and they both played a huge role in their team's victory this past Sunday.

Point is Redskin fan, there are more pressing issues at Redskin Park than QB right now. Continue to build the line(s), add some free agent parts- on both offense and defense, and then maybe take a look at the 2012 draft for QB, if you even still need one by then.

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  1. This is what I've been saying for the past 5 years....... Nice to know it's catching on


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